Add Liquidity

Create a new pool or create a liquidity position on an existing pool.


Select the network you would like to provide liquidity on.


Which token pair would you like to add liquidity to.

Fee tier

Some fee tiers work better than others depending on the volatility of your pair. Lower fee tiers generally work better when pairing stable coins. Higher fee tiers generally work better when pairing exotic coins.

0.01% Fees

Best for very stable pairs.

0.05% Fees

Best for less volatile pairs.

0.3% Fees

Best for most pairs.

1% Fees

Best for volatile pairs.


Select a price range to provide liquidity. You will not earn any fees when prices move outside of this range. Learn more.
This pool must be initialized before you can add liquidity. To initialize, select a starting price for the pool. Then, enter your liquidity price range and deposit amount. Gas fees will be higher than usual due to the initialization transaction.
Token Ratio (ETH : undefined)
Capital Efficiency
APR (when in-range, excl. IL)
Not enough data

Min Price

per ETH

Max Price

per ETH
We're excited to share that Sushi integration is now live on ! To get an estimate of the fees you could earn based on your chosen parameters, please visit our platform by clicking here. We look forward to assisting you with your earnings calculations.


Depending on your range, the supplied tokens for this position will not always be a 50:50 ratio.

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