with Sushi

Unlock new possibilities by partnering with us! We are excited to present a transformative opportunity for businesses and projects looking to elevate their presence in the decentralized finance landscape.

Boost your liquidity pool ✨

Enhance your liquidity pool`s performance by tapping into Sushi's rewards system. By joining forces, you gain access to an array of incentives that bolster liquidity provision, thereby fostering deeper market engagement and participation. As users provide liquidity to your pool, they receive additional SUSHI rewards, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem where both your project and liquidity providers thrive.



Apply now and provide as much information as you can. We take user safety seriously and would like to surface the most promising pools to our community.

Step 1


If deemed necessary, we will make contact and perform a comprehensive evaluation to ensure project legitimacy and strategic alignment.

Step 2

Establish Farm

If your project successfully passes the due diligence process, Sushi will offer incentives to the LP farm associated with your project by providing $SUSHI tokens as dual incentives on top of single incentives provided by your project. The size of the $SUSHI reward will be determined based on the trading volume of the pool.

Step 3

Launch Co-Marketing

We will subsequently request branding materials to market the farm (Sushi’s Twitter, Blog etc.), and simultaneously launch the incentives for the farm.

Step 4

After the launch of the farm rewards, Sushi will continue to remain connected with your project and look to further collaborate on any opportunity that arises.

Get on the token list.

Though it isn’t required for users to swap and supply liquidity in the protocol, our default token list makes it easier for users to find tokens.

Projects that wish to have their token show in the default swap list will need to submit their information via our partner portal. Otherwise users can search for any supported token via the contract address.

Sushi collaboration hub.

Experience the convenience of streamlined communication and collaboration through our dedicated Sushi Collaboration Hub. Whether you have inquiries, or wish to explore synergies with other partners in the Sushi network, this hub serves as a central platform to facilitate meaningful interactions. By joining this vibrant community, you harness the collective wisdom of decentralized finance pioneers, forging connections that can lead to innovative breakthroughs.

Does one of the following apply to your project?

  • Your project is in the process of launching a product that may utilize Sushi.
  • Your project has already launched a product that leverages Sushi.
  • Your project is currently leveraging Furo to stream salary or vest tokens and is seeking marketing support.
  • Your project is currently supplying liquidity on Sushi and is seeking additional farm rewards.