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Seafood & Your Brain

When it comes to sushi, we talk about a lot of things. We’ve looked at how sushi can help you get the most out of your workouts, how it can be adapted to different scenarios and parties, and even from where it originates. One thing that we h

Sushi and the Holidays

sushiWhile you might not really think about having sushi for Easter or for Thanksgiving, th

More Artistic Sushi Rolls

Sushi pandaWe talked once before about being artistic with your sushi. Some sushi

The Ease of Delivery

Delivery Don’t you hate sitting around wondering what to h

Popular Sushi Rolls

There are a lot of great sushi rolls, but some are more popular than others. These more popular rolls can usually be found at mo

A Guide for the First-Time Sushi Eater

If you’ve never had sushi before, you might be a little leery of trying it. Raw fish probably doesn’t sound very app

Delivery for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and for many people, that means a day of cooking. A lot of families celebrate the holidays (no matter which holiday) with a large dinner. But it takes a lot of time, effort

Delivery Doesn’t Have to Mean Unhealthy

PizzaA lot of people automatically equate fast food and delivery with unhealthy eat

The Origin of Sushi

Records show that sushi was first served in Japan back in the 8th century. However, this dish of raw food isn’t t

Sushi Condiments

When eating sushi, there are usually a few different condiments that you can dip the roll in or eat with the roll. Yes

Sushi World Records

chopsticksLike many foods, there are actually world records for sushi. These records are mos

A Guide to Japanese Sushi Terms

A lot of words you’ll hear when ordering sushi are in Japanese. Some of these terms will be translated, but some of them won&rsqu


There are many different types of sushi out there, and each one is a little bit different. Chirashizu


Sushi can be broken down into different types. One of these types is called inarizushi. It’s actually quite different

Cooked Sushi

When you hear the term sushi, you instantly think of raw fish. But did you know there is actually some types of sushi that

Sushi for Beginners

If you’ve never had sushi, you may be somewhat hesitant to try it. Raw fish probably doesn’t sound that appealing

What is Hosomaki?

There are a lot of different types of sushi available. Several have been discussed on this blog before, but we haven’t g

How is Sushi Rice Prepared?

One of the key ingredients in most types of sushi is sushi-meshi, or sushi rice. Most sushi rolls are made up of ingredients

Sushi in America

Today, sushi is one of the trendiest foods in the United States. It’s served in college dorms, found in grocery sto

Some Sushi Etiquette

You may not realize it from today’s trendy sushi restaurants, but there

The Amazing Properties of Sushi

Sushi tastes incredible. It’s so different from food that Americans eat on a regular basis that dinner at a sushi rest

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you’re interested in getting a behind the scenes look into the life of a sushi chef, one of the best documen


Makizushi is one of the most common types of sushi. The word translates to “rolled sushi.” It’s sometimes r

What is Nori?

When reading about sushi or talking to sushi experts, you may hear the term “nori.” Nori is a specific type of edible

Sushi Presentation

To a top Japanese sushi chef, sushi is more than just a meal: it’s an art. T

Green Tea – The Drink of Choice with Sushi

If you go to a sushi restaurant or have it delivered, you might grab a bottle of water or your favorite soda to wash it dow

How to Behave at a Japanese Restaurant

Many Americans who visit Japan don’t understand why the other diners, staff, and

How to Judge a Sushi Chef

Just because a person can cut slices of raw fish into regular sized pieces doesn’t necessarily make him or her into a

Picking Your First Sushi Restaurant

So you’ve decided you want to try sushi. You’re in for a treat! But deciding to give raw fish a try i

Menu Options for Those who Dislike Raw Fish

If you don’t want to eat raw fish or have tried sushi in the past and disliked it, you may be very hesitant to accep

Sushi – A Different Type of Dinner

Sushi is certainly a different type of food. If you asked someone what the biggest difference is, of course they&

Sushi – A Good Lunch Option

Sushi is a great dinner option, but it’s also perfect for lunch. If you’re tired of grabbing fast food or takin

Why Sushi is so Popular

Does it seem like everyone you know is going out for sushi more often than not?

The Benefits of Eating Fish

When people go out for sushi, they’re going out for more than just a meal: they’re going out for one of

Nigirizushi: Hand-Pressed Sushi

NigirizushiThere are many different types of sushi available at most

Sushi for Kids

A kid eating sushiIf you’re going out for dinner, you may be hesitant to pick a

The Utensils Used when Preparing Sushi

A good sushi chef will make use of the traditional sushi utensils when creating

Modern Sushi Chefs Break from Tradition

Modern Sushi If you visit a traditional Japanese restaur

Earning the Respect of your Sushi Chef

A sushi chef cutting fishMost American diners don’t expect to ever see the

Conveyor Belt Sushi

A piece of sushi on a conveyor beltOne of the strangest places you may

Ordering Sushi for Delivery

Sushi in take-out traysOrdering anything for delivery is always great because it

How to Introduce Someone to Sushi

If you have a friend who is a picky eater or doesn’t really like to try new things, you may think you&rsquo

Giving Sushi Another Chance

Some people try a food once and decide they’ll never eat it again. But that may mean missing out on a huge eati Now Offers Reservations, Pre-Orders, and Pre-Pay Options

Sushi.comDid you know that does more than just help with delivery a

Why Fresh Sushi is Always Better

Is that sushi restaurant advertising fresh caught sushi? Chances are, it’s been frozen. In fact, even some

The Best Time to Have Sushi

Sushi rolls on a plateMany people invite their friends out to a

What is Omakase Dining?

A sushi chefWhen you eat at a traditional Japanese restauran

The Order of a Traditional Sushi Meal

A plate of sushiEating sushi in America is somewhat different from eating it in

Sushi as Art

The Scream in SushiWhen you go to a Japanese restaurant

Drinks to Pair with Sushi

Pouring sakeIf you go out for sushi in the U.S., you probably see people drinking a wide

Interacting with the Sushi Chef

A Couple laughing with the sushi chefIn many restaurants, th

Table Manners at a Japanese Restaurant

A woman eating sushiIt’s easy to forget that other cultures don’t have the

Health Benefits of Eating Nori

NoriThere are many reasons to eat sushi—it tastes great, it’s a fun, different type of fo

Learning to Use Chopsticks

A pair of chopsticksIf you go out to a Japane

The Introduction of Sushi to the West

While Japanese restaurants have popped all over the U.S., sushi is rea

Best Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Japanese Cuisine Restaurants It should come as no surprise that there a

Tips for Making Sushi at Home

A person rolling sushi at home.If you love sushi, you might consider m

Have a Sushi Making Party

A woman serving sushiLooking for something to do for your next birthday, family event,

How to Wrap Sushi

Rolling sushiIf you’ve never made sushi before, you may not know exactly how to go

Your Sushi Shopping List

A selection of fishIf you’re ready to make sushi yourself at home, you fir

Making the Perfect Sushi Rice at Home

A bag of sushiIf you’re going to make sushi at home, you’re going to need

Popular Vegetarian Sushi Rolls

VegetablesDo you love the idea of sushi but don’t want to ever eat raw fish? What if you sim

Why Eat Vegetarian Sushi?

Some vegetarian sushiIf you’re a vegetarian, there’s obviously one

Tips for Cutting Fish for Sushi

A chef cutting fishIf you’re making sushi at home, one of the most important

Tips for Buying a Rice Cooker

A rice cookerIf you’re going to be making a lot of sushi at home, you’re pr

Adding Avocado to Sushi

An avocadoAvocado is a very tasty fruit that many people love. They’re often eaten raw o

What is Sashimi?

SashimiWhen you’re ordering sushi at a Japanese restauran

Serving Sushi at Home

SushiIf you’re having a sushi party or just decide to fix sushi one night for dinner,

Putting an American Twist on Sushi

A plate of sushiWhile eating sushi at a traditional

Why Do People Like Sushi?

If you haven’t tried sushi before, you may not understand what all the fuss is about. Why do people like eati

Sushi Hacks

The term hack originated with computers – a hack was a way of getting around something a computer program didn’

Miso Soup and Sushi

Miso soup is found on the menu of just about every Japanese restaurant around the world. It

All About Daikon Radishes

One of the vegetables you’ll find used in many Japanese dishes, including sushi, is the daikon radish. In fact, t

What’s Your Favorite Type of Sushi?

SushiI’ve made it pretty clear that I like sushi. In fact, I’d have t

Selecting the Best Fish for Sushi

Some fishIf you’re going to make sushi at home, you’re going to need to buy the

Quick Substitutes for Sushi Tools

Rolling sushi on a bamboo matMaking sushi at home is a lot o

Making the Best Sushi You Can

Making sushiIf you’re going to make sushi at home, you’re going to want t

Sushi Trivia

Sushi pyramidThere’s a lot of information out there about sushi and

Sushi Myths

A platter of sushiIt seems like myths pop up about everything, and sushi is no exception.

Pasta Sushi

Pasta sushiYou love sushi. You love pasta. What if you could combine the two into something incr

Saving Money on Eating Sushi

SushiWhen you go out for sushi at a Japanese restaurant,

The Hard Parts of Making Sushi at Home

Making sushiMaking sushi at home isn’t always easy. In fact, for those who hav

Adding a Sunomono Salad to your Sushi

Sunomono SaladA sunomono salad can be one of a number of different dishes that use

Making a California Roll

California RollsCalifornia rolls may not be traditional sushi, but they’

Facts About Eating in a Sushi Bar

SushiAre you headed out to a sushi bar? If you are, you may think that you simply fol

How to Tell if Fish is Fresh

fresh fishAs we’ve mentioned several times, if you’re going to make sushi a

Hanaya Yohei and Tokyo-Style Sushi

SushiIf you love hand-formed sushi, also called Tokyo-style sushi, nigiri sushi, or Edomae-zushi, then

Genji LLC – The Largest Sushi Provider in the Eastern U.S.

A sushi platterIf you’re eating sushi from a Japanese re

The Decourverte du Sushi

Golden sushi manBetween 2003 and 2009, the Decourverte du Sushi was held in Euro

Can you Eat Too Much Sushi?

SushiYou may have heard someone say they got mercury poisoning from sushi, but then you

Some Secret Sushi Making Tips

Nigiri sushiIf you love making sushi at home, you might already know these li

Hosting a Sushi Making Party

Sushi heartIf you’re going to have a sushi making party, you certainly wa

Have Sushi Delivered Right to Your Door

SushiHaving sushi delivered right to your door is easy, convenient, and it doesn’t even

Standing Sushi Bar

Sushi on a trayThe Standing Sushi Bar isn’t a type of sushi bar—it’

The Itsu Sushi Company

Sushi ingredientsHave you heard of the Itsu Sushi Company? It’s a chain o

Dancing Shrimp Sashimi

ShrimpIf you’ve been to a restaurant in Japan or to a high end Japanese restaurant in the Un

Sushi Rolls Named After U.S. States and Cities

California RollsThere are a lot of different classic sushi rolls you&rsq

Have you Tried Sushi Pizza?

Sushi PizzaHave you tried sushi pizza? What exactly is sushi pizza, anyway? It’s more than

Fuji Food Products: The Largest Provider of Pre-Packaged Sushi in the U.S.

Fuji FoodsIf you live in California, especially in the Santa Fe Springs or San Diego areas,

Eating Tobiko

TobikoTobiko, which is the Japanese term for flying fish roe, is often used in sushi. The flying fi

Joshuya Brasserie

Japanese restaurantIf you’re looking for a new modern sushi place, Joshuya B

What to Expect When Eating in Japan

Sushi platterIf you’re visiting Japan for the first time,

The Search for Sushi Ingredients

sushiFinding sushi ingredients isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especi

Getting Sushi Restaurant Recommendations

restaurantDo you have any idea where you’re going to eat lunch or dinner today?

What to Eat with Sushi – Dipping Sauces

Soy SauceYou can dip your sushi in a number of different things. You can eat sushi by i

Sushi for All Ages

Kid with sushiWhen you’re going out for sushi, there is no age limit. Anyone of

You Can Cook Sushi?!

SushiWhen you hear the term sushi, you instantly think of raw fish. But did you know there is a

Where Did Sushi Come From?

SushiWhen we think of sushi, we think of raw fish served in a wrap of seaweed and lettuc

Starter Sushi

SushiIf you find yourself sitting in a Japanese restaurant for t

Sushi: A Better Delivery Option

ChopsticksWhen people get things delivered, they often get something that’s rea

Sushi and Eating Healthy

Sushi ChefThere are a lot of reasons why you might want to eat sushi besides the tas

Reading a Japanese Sushi Menu

sushi platterIf you’re headed out to a Japanese re

The Importance of How Sushi Looks

sushiHow sushi is presented to you may seem like the last thing that’s impo

Great Benefits from Sushi

sushiWhile sushi does taste great and can be a unique treat for you and your family, ther

Types of Sushi Knives

Sushi knifeIf you take a look in the kitchen of a Japa

The Path of the Sushi Apprentice

Sushi apprenticeHere in the U.S., when a person is hired at a restaurant

Eho-maki and Setsubun

eho-makiIn Japan, one popular festival is called Setsubun, which literally translates to


sushi ballsTemarizushi is a type of nigirizushi, or hand-pressed sushi. It’s created by pl

Picking Your Sushi Rice

bowl of riceSo you’re going to make sushi at home, and you want it to match t

Candy Sushi

Candy sushiThere are a number of different types of dessert sushi out there. Some people have use

Trying Kohada

KohadaKohada is a type of gizzard shad. Some people know what that is, but if you’re not a fi

Huffington Post’s Sushi for your Sign

Horoscope sushiDo you know what your astrological sign is? It all depends on when

What is a Bento Box?

bento boxIf you’ve watched Japanese anime or movies, you might have seen people eating their l

Sushi Day in Japan

SushiDid you know that there’s a Sushi Day? In Japan, November 1st has been National Sushi Day sin

Takoyaki – eating Octopus Balls!

OctopusIf you offer someone octopus balls, they’re probably going to make a face and say “a

Japanese Restaurant Décor

SushiHave you ever noticed any of the amazing décor at your favorite

Eating at a Tachizushi Bar

sushi plateA tachizushi bar is a type of Japanese restauran

The Truth about Nyotaimori

Sushi on a naked personHave you see movies or heard about the idea of

5 Chopstick Rules

eating dinnerIf you’re eating at a traditional Japa

How Long Can you Keep Sushi?

sushiSo you went out for sushi last night and ordered a little too much. Maybe the

Make a Good Impression when Eating Sushi

eating sushiIf you’re out eating at a Japanese

Food that Compliments Sushi

sushiIf you’re eating sushi at a traditional Jap

Dieting and Sushi

sushiAre you trying to lose weight? Many people struggle with weight loss or, once they get the

No-Stress Dining at the Sushi Bar

sushiAre you worried that you’re going to mess up if you to go a sushi bar

The Changing Traditions of Sushi

sushiIf you go to a Japanese restaurant, you m

Beverages Available at Japanese Restaurants

green teaBefore you order your sushi, you’ll be asked for yo

Reading Sushi for Dummies

sushi for dummiesThere are a lot of different books out there that are about

Do You Need to Worry About Sushi Safety?

sushiIf you have friends who eat sushi a lot or go to

What’s in a Traditional Sushi Making Kit?

sushi kitIf you want to make sushi at home and want it to turn out just as am

Making Sushi at Home – The Necessities

Rice cookerIf you’re going to make sushi at home, there are a num

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green teaWhen you sit down at a Japanese re

What Exactly is Sashimi?

SashimiWhen you go out for sushi at a Japanese restauran

Good Sushi Verses Great Sushi

sushiThere’s a major difference between good sushi and great sushi. Eating at

Try Different Sushi!

sushi trayIf you go out to Japanese restaurants on a

Sushi for Special Occasions

Friends eating sushiSome people eat sushi pretty regularly, but for oth

What if You Don’t Like Sushi?

SushiSo all of your friends want to go out to a Japanese restaurant for a great sushi

A Visit to Japan

JapanThinking about going to Japan? If you are, there’s a lot to see and do. Of course, no

Reasons to Make Sushi at Home

tray of sushiThere are a number of different reasons why you might want to m

Hot Sushi Restaurants

SushiThere are a lot of different places in the U.S. to get some great sushi, but some of th

Why Isn’t there a Great Sushi Chain?

SushiMany people eat sushi at local Japanese re

The Benihana Restaurant Company

BenihanaBenihana Inc. is a Japanese restaurant compa

Health Benefits of Sushi Rice

Sushi RiceSushi rice has been used to hold together sushi almost since the mode

Eating Sushi at Pei Wei

pei weiWhile there may not be a major sushi chain restaurant in the U.S., there are some

Is Wasabi Healthy?

WasabiWhat’s sushi without some wasabi? In most Japanese

Eating Sushi at P.F. Chang’s

PFChangP.F. Chang’s is a casual Asian and Japane

More Amazing Sushi Restaurants

people eatingWe listed a few of the most amazing sushi restaurants the othe

Celebrities and Sushi

sushiLately it seems like celebrities can’t get their fill of sushi. Many of Hollywood&

The Health Benefits of the Daikon Radish

daikonHave you had daikon with your sushi? This Japanese vegetable is often

Sushi and Food Trucks

Food trucksFood trucks have become incredibly popular lately. What used to be reserved for

Wasabi Could Lead to New Pain Medication

WasabiWhen you’re out at your favorite Japanese restaura

Hamasaku and Movie Star Sushi Rolls

SushiHamasaku is a popular Japanese restaurant

The Rise of Sushi in the UK

SushiWe all know that sushi has become very popular here in the United States, but how

A Review of Sushi: A Beginner’s Guide

Sushi: A Beginner's GuideLooking for a good book about s

The Japanese Really Can Digest Sushi More Easily

Japanese familyMany people think that because they eat sushi more often, Japanes

Popular Fruits in Sushi

FruitMany different ingredients can be found in sushi. While traditional

Japanese Dinner Traditions

riceIf you’re having dinner at a Japanese restauran

Some Japanese Vocabulary for Dinner

JapaneseIf you’re going out for a nice meal at a

Trending Sushi Places

modern sushi restaurantAre you tired of eating at the same old

The Joy of Sushi

sushiEating sushi can be a lot of fun. In fact, some people consider sushi a great treat just bec

The Many Places you can Buy Sushi

ChopsticksThere are a lot of different places you can buy sushi. While some

Taking Sushi in your Lunch

bento boxAre you tired of sandwiches or leftovers for lunch? You always have the o

The Different Types of Chopsticks

ChopsticksWhen you’re eating at a Jap

Planning Your Own Sushi Night

SushiAre you thinking about having sushi night soon? If you’re going to have y

Sushi with a Group

Sushi groupMany people have no problem going to a Japanes

A Typical Menu at a Sushi Place

Sushi menuIf you’ve eaten at different Japanese

Vegetables for Sushi

VegetablesThere are many different fresh vegetables that you’ll find in your sushi

How to Shape Sushi

SushiOne of the things that makes sushi so unique is its shape. Unlike many foods, you actually

Great Fish to Use in Sushi

Raw fishTrying to decide what fish you want to use in your sushi? If you’re o

Dry Goods Used in Sushi

SeaweedThere are a lot of different dried goods used in making sushi. These dried goods are kept in a

Eating Sushi as a Vegan

VeganIf you’re a vegan, you might avoid Japanese res

Sushi Appetizers and Sides

EdamameIf you’re having dinner at a nice Japanese restaura

Sushisamba: Merging Japan, Peru, and Brazil

Sushi SambaSushisamba is one of the most interesting sushi places you’ll find. It takes a

The Legend of the Lucky Cat

Lucky CatIf you go for sushi at your favorite Japanese restaurant

Taking Sushi Making Lessons

Sushi RollDo you want to learn how to make sushi like you eat in a

Some Sushi Facts

SushiThink you know all there is to know about sushi because you’ve eaten at

Arami – Chicago’s Best Sushi Joint

SushiArami, a Japanese restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, has been

Feeding your Kids some Tasty Sushi!

If you’re worried that a Japanese restaurant won’t have meals for your kids, thin

The Best Sushi Places in the World

sushi placeLooking for some amazing sushi? There are tons of amazing sush

Different Types of Japanese Restaurants

If you’re visiting Japan and looking for a great restaurant, you’ll start to notice that there are a lot of different places that serve different kinds of food. Japanese restaurants aren’t all

Eating Octopus Sushi

If you’re looking for a different type of sushi, you might want to think about tako sushi, which is made using octopus. It may not be for those who aren’t very adventurous, but if you want to try som

Edomae Sushi

Edomae sushi goes by a variety of names: edomeaezushi, edo style, edo front, or simply edo. But most people just call it sushi, because while there are a number of different types of sushi out there, edo sushi is the most common. It combines raw f

Being on a Sushi Diet

SushiHave you ever thought about doing a sushi diet? It may not be as popular as the Atkins,

Sushi and Being Pregnant

SushiPeople often tell pregnant women to avoid eating certain foods, and fish is one of t

Sushi and Mercury

SushiAs you know, pregnant women need to avoid eating anything with mercury, and that includes

Making Nigiri Sushi

nigiriMany people know how to make sushi rolls at home, but fewer people have tried to make ni

Styles of Sushi

SushiThere are many different styles of sushi out there. If you eat at a standard

Sushi and Sashimi

SushiWhen a lot of people hear the terms sushi and sashimi,

Dealing with Sushi Parasites

FishDo you have a friend who refuses to eat at any Jap

The Historic Sushi Stand

Sushi StandWhile most people get their sushi in Jap

What is Unagi?

UnagiHave you ever wanted to eat something a little more exotic than your usual? Well, if so, going t

Inari Sushi

sUSHIInari sushi is yet another type of sushi, but it’s one that’s actually very

Shima Sushi

Have you ever been to a Japanese restaurantsushi and ordered shi

Sasa Sushi

sushiSasa Sushi, sometimes called sasa no ha sushi, sasazushi, or bamboo leaf sushi, is

Kaki No Ha Sushi

sushiIf you’ve never visited the southern central part of Japan, often called Nara, then

Kyoto Style Sushi

sushiThe city of Kyoto is located in the middle of Honshu, the largest island in Japan. It’s ho

Osaka Style Sushi

sushiIf you’re looking for a different type of sushi to try, how about moving aw

Abalone in Sushi

AbaloneOne of the most popular shellfish used in sushi is abalone. You’ll find it in many

Bintoro Sushi

AlbacoreBintoro sushi, sometimes called binncho sushi, is available in many

Kanpachi Sushi

KanpachiHave you ever heard of kanpachi sushi? This type of sushi is served at a number of

Eating Arc Shell Sushi

Arc shellArc shell sushi, which is sometimes referred to as akagai or red claim sushi b

Black Sea Bream Sushi

Black sea breamLooking for something really tasty? How about heading over to your l

Katsuo Sushi

BonitoHave you ever heard of katsuo sushi? This type of sushi makes use of bonito, which was one of t

Torigai Sushi

TorigaiMost people don’t think about shellfish being used in sushi that often. That’s b

Using Eel in your Sushi

EelEel or unagi is a fairly popular food today, but it wasn’t part of the traditional Edo s

What is Egg Sushi?

Egg SushiDid you know that there’s such a thing as egg sushi? This interesting type of

Have you Tried Geoduck Sushi?

ShellfishHave you ever heard of geoduck sushi? No, it’s not a type of sushi made wi

Trying Kohada Sushi

KohadaHave you ever heard of kohada sushi? It’s a special type of sushi found at

Halibut Sushi

HalibutMany people love eating halibut on its own, but it’s also a very popular ingredient f

Eating Mantis Shrimp in Sushi

Have you ever gone to a Japanese restaurant and tried mantis shrimp? These lit

Trying Saba Sushi

MackerelSaba sushi is a type of sushi that’s made using mackerel. This is a shiny fish,

Did You Know Sardine Sushi Exists?

sardinesWhen most people think of sardines, they think of opening little metal cans, not

Hotate Sushi

hotateHotate sushi is sushi that feature scallops. You’ll find it in many

Preparing the Red Snapper for Sushi

red snappeIf you’re looking for a good fish to make for sushi at home (or for ea

A New Type of Sushi – Shake Sushi

salmonShake or sake sushi makes use of salmon, which is a fish many people in the U.S. eat. Thi

What is Tako Sushi?

octopusTaco sushi? While it may sound the same as the popular Mexican food, tako sushi is definit

Eating Pacific Saury Sushi

fishThe Pacific saury is a type of fish that’s most often found in the autumn. That’s whe

Try some Suzuki Sushi

Sea bassSuzuki sushi can be found at many Japanese restau

Sea Eel Sushi

Sea EelSea eel sushi, called anago sushi in Japan, is one of the oldest types of sushi served in Ed

Eating Ebi

EbiEbi is the Japanese word for shrimp, and it’s one of the oldest ingredients used in Edo style sush

Spanish Mackerel Sushi

Spanish mackerelLooking for a different type of sushi? How about the Spanish mack

Surf Clam Sushi

Surf clamHave you heard of surf clam sushi? Called hokkigai in most

Squid Sushi

SquidMany people do enjoy calamari, which is fried squid. However, instead of calamari on the menu, man

Sweet Shrimp Sushi

ShrimpReady to try some sweet shrimp sushi? You’ll find it on the menu of a number of di

Tuna Sushi

TunaThere are a number of different types of tuna sushi, and we’re first going to look at the basic

Tuna Belly Sushi

SushiThe best part of the tuna is its fatty belly—it makes up 35 percent or less of the enti

Medium Tuna Belly Sushi

Tuna BellyChutoro sushi is a type of sushi made with medium tuna belly, or toro. This part o

Supreme Tuna Belly Sushi

tuna sushiWe’ve talked about tuna belly or toro sushi in the past, but so far, we&rsq

Yellowtail Sushi

yellowtailHave you tried Hamachi sushi? This type of sushi is made from yellowtail, which is c

Eating Yellowtail Amberjack

yellowtail amberjackAs the third of the Big Three Yellowtail fish used i

Have you Had Tobiko Sushi?

roeIf you’re more of a sushi roll fan than a nigiri fan, there are a number of differ

Want to Try Ikura Sushi?

RoeHave you been in a Japanese restaurant and noticed tha

What is Sea Urchin Sushi?

Sea UrchinSea urchin—that name probably doesn’t sound like anything you&

Creating a Piece of Nigiri Sushi

NigiriWhile most Americans think of sushi rolls when they think of ordering something a

Kobashira Sushi

clamKobashira sushi is a special type of gunkanmaki, or ship roll, that’s made using the addu

Odd Sushi Ingredients

SushiWhen most people think of sushi, they think of fish. But did you know that in many

Tips for Making Your Own Sushi

Making sushiIf you love sushi, you may go out to

Sushi – Make It, Go Out, or Get It Delivered?

SushiDo you want to have some amazing sushi for dinner tonight? If you do, you have three opt

Make Your Own Sushi Dinner

Make SushiHave you ever wanted to make your own sushi dinner? Well, the good news is that

Selecting a Sushi Restaurant

SushiIf you’re thinking about going out for sushi, how do you decide on w

Sushi Inspired Products

Sushi artWhile most people think of sushi think of

The Three Yellowtail Fish

YellowtailThe Big Three Yellowtails are considered three of the best and most popular

How to Tell if Sushi is Bad

SushiThe last thing you want to eat is bad sushi. It can give you a stomac

The Types of Sushi

SushiThere are many different types of sushi, as you probably know if you’ve been to

Sushi and Your Health: Why It’s Good for You

SushiWhile some people believe that eating raw fish is not good for you, there are act

Why Eat Sushi?

SushiThere are many reasons why people love to eat sushi. Some enjoy the fact that

Going Shopping for Sushi Ingredients

FishAre you ready to make sushi at home? If you want to eat in instead of goin

What do you Need to Make Sushi

Rolling matIf you’re thinking about making sushi yourself instead of go

What to Eat with Sushi

SushiWhen people think about eating sushi, they often forget that sushi is only one part o

Sushi Rolls or Nigiri?

SushiWhen you go out to a Japanese restaurant, you&rsquo

Games to Play at a Sushi Party

Sushi gamesAre you having your friends over for a sushi party instead of going out to a

New Ways of Making Sushi

Sushi ChefWhile eating sushi at a traditional Japane

All You Need to Know About Eating at a Japanese Restaurant

SushiIn Japan, there are very traditional rules for eating sushi. If any

Types of Fish

FishesThere are many different types of fish that you can use for sushi. Here are a few of the most

Why Sushi is Fun

SushiEating sushi can be a lot of fun. In fact, some people consider sushi a great treat just bec

Sushi Rice Basics

Sushi RiceIf you’re eating sushi at your favorite Japa

Change your Diet – Eat More Sushi!

SushiIf you’re looking to lose weight and be healthier, one of the best things you can do is

The Rise of Sushi

ShrimpWhen you’re out eating sushi at a Japanese restauran

Shrimp in Sushi

ShrimpIf you love shrimp, why not order some shrimp sushi from your favorite

Some Outstanding Sushi Restaurants

SushiLooking for a great place to eat? There are some truly outstanding

Who is Jiro Ono?

JiroSukiyabashi Jiro is a tiny little Japanese restaurant in Tok

Eating Korean Sushi

Korean SushiWhile most people associate sushi with Japane

Ordering Sashimi Instead of Sushi

SashimiIf you go out to a Japanese restaurant

What People Expect at a Sushi Restaurant

Sushi dinnerIf you’re sitting down to dinner in a Ja

What do you Eat with Sushi?

Wondering what goes with sushi? Well, if you’re eating at home instead of a Japanese restaurant, you can eat whatever you want with it. Want fries with sushi? Go for it! No one is going to judge you. That’s one of the great benefits of

The World of Sushi

Sushi may have started in Japan, but today, it has spread all around the world. You’ll find Japanese restaurants in New York, Paris, London, and many other locations. These restaurants may not all serve the same types of sushi, but the chefs

Eating Live Foods

Have you ever eaten anything live? If you’ve gone to Japanese restaurants in Japan, you may have had this opportunity. Some of these restaurants do have a few different live dishes on the menu. They don’t always, and you usually won&rs

Nontraditional Sushi

sushiNot all sushi is your traditional raw fish. In fact, there are some Japan

All About Chopsticks

If you go out to a Japanese restaurant, you will probably be offered a pair of chopsticks. They may already be on the table, or the

How to Judge Sushi

sushiThere’s a major difference between good sushi and bad sushi. Eating at a Japanese restaurant may int

Popular Sushi Restaurants

Looking for a great Japanese restaurant? Here are some of the most popular restaurant chains where you can have some great sushi! Pei Wei Asian Diner One of these restaurants is Pei Wei Asian Diner. This chain of restaurants is owned

Even if you Can’t Cook, You Can Make Sushi

sushiIf you love sushi and love eating at Japanese restaurants, you may fi

Fruits and Vegetables Used in Your Sushi

sushiThere are many different fresh fruits and vegetables that you’ll find in your sushi. Some of them a

Sushi Throughout the Day

sushiMany people head out to the Japanese restaurant during the evening for dinner, but how many people

Who Eats Sushi?

sushiIf you go to a Japanese restaurant, who do you see eating around you? There are a number of

Types of Tuna Sushi

sushiIn Japanese restaurants, you’ll find that

Miso – More than Just a Soup

sushiMiso soup is found on the menu of just about every

Sushi – What does that Mean?

sushiIf you’re looking at a sushi menu at a Japanese restaurant, you’re probab

Great Types of Sushi

sushiLooking for some amazing sushi recommendations for the next ti

Are There Health Risks to Sushi?

sushiIs eating sushi at a Japanese resta

Some Sushi Traditions

RiceIf you go to a Japanese restaurant, you may feel

President Obama Had the Best Sushi in the World

JiroWhat’s the best sushi in the world? Well, that’s debatable, but some people say it&r

Sustainable Sushi Restaurants

sustainable sushiSustainability has become a popular buzzword lately. I know I hear a

Miso Hungry: A Podcast About Sushi and Japan

sushi podcastLooking for a new podcast to listen to while you’re working out or driving

A Practical Book for Sushi-Making

Sushi bookI hadn’t ever really thought about making sushi at home unt

Drinking Tea at a Japanese Tea Ceremony

tea ceremonyLast time, I talked about seeing the Japanese tea cerem

Witnessing the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Serving teaSeveral years ago, a friend invited me to a demonstration of

Trying Okonomiyaki

okonomiyakiHave you heard of okonomiyaki? Some people call it Japanese pizza, while others

What is Teppanyaki

teppanyakiAs much as I enjoy sushi, I can’t eat it all the time. I sometimes order o

Some Recipes for Teppanyaki Sauces

SaucesI talked a little bit about Teppanyaki in an earlier blog, but some people have want

Types of Japanese Food

SobaI know I mostly talk about sushi on this blog (as you probably expect I would!), but

Things to See on a Trip to Tokyo

Tokyo TowerIf you’re getting to take a trip to Tokyo, I’m envious! I&

Beef Sushi – Yes, It’s a Thing!

SushiWhenever someone says sushi, I imagine most people think like I

Sushi on the Cheap

sushiWhen you go out for sushi at a Japanese restaurant, it&

Seasonings used in Sushi and Other Japanese Dishes

sushiWhile the Japanese aren’t as known for their seasonings as, say, chefs from India are, they

Join me for Dinner?

sushiWell, okay, I’m not really propositioning you, dear readers, but I do want to tell you about som

Eating Sushi Every Day

I’ve joked that I would eat sushi every day, but when I really think about it, would I? Is there such a thing as too much

Learning Japanese

SushiHave you ever thought about learning Japanese? If you’re planning a trip to Japan, yo

Easy Mistakes to Make when Making Sushi

Making SushiPeople who know how much I love sushi hav

Buying my Sushi Supplies

SushiDepending on where you live, your city may have an Asian district or neighborhood. T

The Importance of a Good Sushi Knife

KnifeWhen making sushi at home, I’ve learned that if I use a knife that’s a bit

My Sushi Diet

sushiSeveral years ago, my doctor told me I really needed to lose about 25 pounds. I will admit that

My Definition of Great Sushi

sushiThere’s a major difference between good sushi and great sushi. To me, good sushi is

Japanese Traditions in the Home

sushiThere are many different traditions that Japanese families follow. I’ve learned a

My Sushi Tools

sushiDo you have what it takes to make sushi at home? I’ve slowly accumulated my collection o

We’ve Launched an Indiegogo Campaign!

indiegogoI’ve got great news! We’ve officially launched our

How “Japanese” do you have to be to Eat Sushi?

sushiHow “Japanese” do you need to be to eat sushi? That question may sound ridiculous at

Sushi Chef Training

sushi chefIf you want to be a sushi chef in the U.S.,

Talking Friends into Trying Sushi

sushiI’ve had a few friends over the years who simply would not try sushi. I&rsqu

My Perfect Sushi Night

SUSHIIf I were asked to describe my perfect night of sushi

What are you Drinking?

teaIf you go out for sushi in the U.S., you probably see people drinking a wide variety of thin

A Good Recipe for Mushroom Inari

“Oh…California rolls for me. Again.” If you have vegetarians over for sushi, you might hear that more times than not. That’s because for many people, the California roll is their go-to vegetarian sushi roll because they ju

Eating at Sushi Sho

sushiWhen my friends get to travel, one of the things I always ask about is how the food was. I

Sushi Day is Coming

sushiSushi Day is coming! Yes, there’s an actual sushi da

Why do People Love Sushi So Much?

SushiDoes it seem like everyone you know is going out for

Eating at a Sushi Bar

sushiHave you been to a sushi bar before? While there aren’t any amazing sushi bars ne

Following Sushi Etiquette

sushiYou may not realize it from today’s trendy sushi restaurants, but there are a

Planning my Recent Sushi Party

I had a sushi party the other day that was a huge success, so I thought I’d share a little about what I did and how I prepared for it. I had a lot of people coming over—while I really thought it would be about a dozen, it ended up bein

Making Cool Vegan Sushi

sushiAre you vegan? Do you have vegan friends? If so, you may not be sure what to make for them

Specialized Restaurants in Japan

tempuraDid you now there are a lot of Japanese restauran

Tips on Eating Certain Dishes

sushiI was talking to a friend the other day and he told me about his experience at a unique

Eating at Samurai

sushiSeveral years ago, a little strip mall was built about three blocks from my house. Usually

Finding Sushi Recipes

sushiDo you love making sushi but are tired of making the

Sushi Around the World

sushiEveryone knows that sushi comes from Japan, and I’ve written before on this blog about how a very di

Would You Eat Sushi Off a Naked Person?

sushiHave you see movies or heard about the idea of eating sushi off a nake

Food from Okinawa

SushiOkinawa Prefecture is the southernmost part of Japan and is made up of the hundreds of little islands

Soba Noodles

SobaHave you ever had soba noodles? Soba is a Japanese term for buckwheat, but it’s also used to describ

Ingredients for Tempura

TempuraWhile it’s not sushi, tempura is a popular dish that many Japanese people eat, and you&rsqu

Eating Udon

UdonI thought I’d pair my blog about soba noodles with one about udon. U

Sardines in Sushi – I Hate Them!

sushiIt’s rare that I find a type of sushi I hate, but I really dislike sardines! Yes, sar

Sushi Mistakes I’ve Seen People Make

sushiHave you ever been out somewhere and watched someone make a huge social gaff? You probably felt

Great Sushi in Chicago

sushiI love Chicago, which is why I take any excuse to visit it. There’s something ab

Sushi and Eels

sushiYes, I’ve had eel at a Japanese restaurant, and I have

Ready for a Sushi Dinner Party?

sushiIf you’re having a sushi dinner party or j

Creative Types of Sushi

sushiThere are a lot of different types of sushi that you’ll find at a

Is your Sushi Expired?

sushiThe last thing you want to eat is sushi that has expired or gone bad. It can give you a

My Guide to Finding Sushi Rice

riceSushi rice is the basis of pretty much every type of sushi

Using a Bento Box for your Lunch

SushiDo you know what a bento box is?  If you’ve watched Japanese anime or mov

Do You Know how Beneficial Sushi is?

sushiDid you know that sushi can be very beneficial to your health? There are many reaso

My Experiences with Fast Food Sushi

sushiMost of the time, if I’m having sushi, I’m going to one of my favo

Tamago Sushi

tamago sushiTamago—the Japanese word for egg. It’s also the name of a type of sushi

My Sushi Décor and Other Items

sushiI love eating sushi, and my enjoyment of this food has led to some gentle mocking by some of m

Reasons Why People Like Sushi

sushiThere are a lot of reasons why people like sushi. As I’ve been writing thi

Making a TNT Roll

sushiHave you heard of a TNT roll? It gets its name from the fact that it contains spicy tuna and somethi

Eating Gizzard Shad

sushiHave you heard of gizzard shad? Few people have. It’s an odd fish that’s called kohad

Japanese Holidays

sushiJust like in the U.S., the Japanese love to celebrate th

Making Sushi without a Mat

sushiMany of the times I’ve talked about making s

Using Soy Sauce with your Sushi

sushiI love soy sauce, but I also know that it’s important not to overuse it. It

The Traditional Japanese Table Setting

sushiIf you’ve eaten at a Japanese restaurant

The Art of Japan

sushiI’ve mentioned before how many sushi chefs conside

Making Thanksgiving Leftovers Sushi

sushiA lot of people in the U.S. are preparing for Thanksgiving—it’s in just a few days! If you&rs

Secret Ways some Sushi Restaurants Cut Corners

sushiI’ve eaten at enough sushi places that I can usually tell when a

Me and Green Tea

sushiGreen tea is one of the most traditional drinks served in Japan. It’s offered up with j

How Sushi Looks is Important

sushiHave you noticed that when your sushi comes out on the plate, it’s often very artfully

Making Fruit Sushi

This fun little recipe is another invention you won’t find on the menu at most Japanese restaurants. It’s called fruit sushi or, to some people, frushi. Instead of a meal, it’s a quick snack or eve

Having Sushi for Breakfast

sushiIn Japan, sushi is eaten for many different meals, including breakfast. While you m

Want to Make some Spicy Tuna Rolls?

sushiSpicy Tuna rolls are one of the most popular types

Basic Shrimp Sushi Nigiri

sushiDo you love shrimp? A lot of people do, but many of them aren’t quite sure ho

Where are People Eating Sushi Now?

sushiEvery now and then, I like to update you all on some of the hottest

A Basic Philadelphia Roll

SushiThe Philadelphia roll is a fairly basic type of sushi roll that is similar to the C

Real Wasabi Verses Imitation

sushiDo you know the difference between real and imitation wasabi? I’ll confess

Weird Things You’ll Find at a Sushi Bar

SushiA lot of people would say that everything at a sushi bar is weird, but ther

The Top 10 Amazing Sushi Rolls

SushiThere are hundreds of different types of sushi rolls available at different

Things you Didn’t Know about Sushi

SushiThere are a lot of weird things associated with sushi. Some of

Cute Sushi Ideas for Kids

Looking to make some fun sushi with your kids? While not every child loves raw fish, most of them love the concept of sushi: little bite-sized foods that you can eat with your hands or chopsticks! Even if they don’t know how to really use th

A Basic California Roll Recipe

sushiCalifornia rolls may not be traditional sushi, but they’ve become so popular that you’ll find them on the me

Your Favorite Type of Sushi

What’s your favorite type of sushi? I have about a dozen, but I’d like to know what your favorites are! To help you out, here are some of the top sushi rolls and nigiri that many people enjoy. Which ones do you like the most? Let me kn

Do you Risk Going Omakase?

When you eat at a traditional Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, you may have the option of dining omakase. When dining omakase, you don’t get to select what sushi rolls you get or in what order they’re served—the sushi chef

Recommendations for the Inexperienced

If you were going to suggest a type of sushi for those who haven’t tried it before, what would you say? Raw fish might not sound that appealing, and they might worry that they will get sick or even come down with food poisoning or something.

Bacon Shrimp Rolls!

Do you love bacon? Do you love shrimp? If you do, you’re going to love these bacon shrimp rolls! It’s a great recipe for those who are mad about bacon, and since lately that seems to be everyone, well, you’re going to need severa

A Non-Sushi Sushi Roll Recipe

sushiThis recipe is for nori crab rolls, which are technically not

A Great (And Easy!) Tuna Sushi Recipe

sushiLooking for a quick and easy recipe for tuna sushi?

Tasty Sushi Pancakes

SushiSushi pancakes? What’s that? Well, I’ll a

The Pesto Roll

SushiHave you tried tasty pesto rolls? These simple sushi rolls

What Type of Sushi Restaurant is your Favorite?

SushiI’ve talked about all the different types of

Steak in your Sushi?

SushiYou’ve had sushi with fish, with ham, with egg, maybe even with chicken, but what a

Simple Korean Sushi

SushiMost of the recipes I’ve shared before have been for traditional

Want to Try Crayfish Sushi?

sushiI do not like crayfish. I’ll state that right up front! Fortunately, this rec

A Good, Basic Type of Sushi

sushiLooking for a recipe for a very basic yet very good Japanese sushi roll? This one

Try Some Tropical Sushi

sushiLooking for the perfect sushi for your luau or ot

A Seaweed and Salmon Roll

sushiDo you love salmon? This is something of a divisive fish because there are some peopl

Sushi and Caviar

sushiWhile you might add caviar to some new sushi recipes, th

Making a Dragon Roll

sushiThe dragon roll is a fun type of sushi that is name

5 Sushi Making Products You Need!

sushiIf you’re going to make sushi at home

Sushi with…Spam?!

sushiOkay, let me state one thing upfront: I used to eat Spam a lot as a kid—yes, I’m

More Sushi Gear

SushiI’ve previously talked about some of the cool sushi

Try Some Gunkan Maki

sushiLooking for a fairly easy sushi recipe that looks an

How about a Sushi Sandwich?

SushiHere’s an interesting type of sushi I lea

Making the Absolute Perfect Sushi Rice

sushiPretty much every recipe I’ve shared here has included

Tips for Nigiri

sushiWhen a lot of people think about making sushi, they think

Sushi in Early Japan

sushiReady for a bit of a history lesson? I always enjoy learning about the history of food a

A Basic Sushi Rice Recipe

sushiI added some tips on making good sushi rice last time, but some people have had a h

What’s on the Menu?

sushiIf you’ve eaten at different Japanese restaurants

Sushi with Roe

sushiHave you tried any sushi that includes roe, or fish eggs? I

Making Spicy Mayonnaise

SushiSpicy mayonnaise is a good condiment for use on a number of different

Pate, Lettuce, and Shrimp Roll

sushiWhile the sandwich has the classic BLT, the su

The Debate Over California Rolls

sushi“I’ll take an order of California rolls, please.”&ld

Making Negitoro Sushi

sushiThis type of sushi is one of my favorites because it&rsquo

Garlic Miso Chicken

sushiEvery now and then, I look for something a little different to go with my

Do you Eat your Sushi in the Right Order?

sushiDid you know that there’s a specific order to eating sushi? I

Some Amazing Sushi Facts

sushiI’ve learned some pretty amazing sushi fac

What to Expect from an Asian Market

sushiWhen I’ve mentioned going to the Asian market to buy

Eating at a Real Sushi Bar

sushiHave you ever eaten at a real sushi bar, as in one where there’s a

A Vegan Alternative to Unagi

sushiFinding vegan replacements for some meals can be difficult, but did you know the

Making Mexican Sushi!

sushiMexican sushi? The concept may sound bizarre, but yo

Tips for Making Great Sushi

If you’re going to make sushi at home, you’re going to want to make the best sushi you possibly can. If it’s your first time making sushi, you may not know some of the tricks of the trade that

Making Ochazuke

sushiHave you heard of ochazuke? It’s a dish that’s served for breakfast in Japan, and

An In-Depth Look at Nori

noriI’ve talked a lot about nori—many recipes need it, after all. But if you&r

Popular Nigiri – The US vs. Japan

sushiAs you’ve probably gathered both from my blogs and from eating at a Japanese

Did you do Sushi for the Super Bowl?

sushiSo the Super Bowl was this past weekend, and like many people, I had some

How Sushi Can Help you Lose Weight

sushiThinking about going on a diet? If you are, or if you’re changing yo

Sushi Making Challenges

sushiAre you ready to try to make sushi? Unfortunately, making sushi at home isn’t a

How Sushi is Presented to Diners

sushiSushi is more than just food to many. In fact, to a top

Eating Sashimi

sashimiSashimi is not simply another word for sushi, nor is

Avocado Sushi made with Brown Rice

brown riceMost sushi, as you know, is made with short grain wh

The Japanese Girl’s Day is Coming!

sushiGirl’s Day, also referred to as Doll’s Day, Girl’s Festival, or by its

What is White Day?

sushiHave you heard of White Day? It takes place on March 14th, and it’s kind of a reverse Valenti

What? A Barbeque Hot Dog Sushi Roll?

sushiThis one is going to sound really weird and disgusting, but it’s actually not too bad. I&

Making Tuna Onigiri

onigiriOnigiri is a different type of sushi that I haven

Sushi Salad

sushiHere comes another very different kind of sushi recipe! But u

Making Buffalo Chicken Sushi Rolls

sushiHate fish but love the idea of sushi? I’ve bee

Brown Rice and Quinoa Sushi Rolls

quinoaNeed some way to still eat sushi without worry about too much wh

Making Kanpachi Sashimi

sushiKanpachi is a type of fish that’s very similar to the yellowtail. In fact, some

Japanese Ratatouille – A Fun Stew

sushiSushi is great—you know I eat it as often as I can. But sometimes, especially when I

Shrimp and Brown Rice Temakizushi

sushiLooking for a sushi roll that’s actually on t

Breakfast Sushi – the Colonial Roll

sushiI just discovered these two amazing breakfast sushi rol

Breakfast Sushi – the Revolutionary Roll

sushiIn my last blog, I told you about the Colonial roll, one of two really awesome breakfa

A Tasty Black Cod Dish

sushiNeed something a little different that’s not exactly

Pork Miso Soup

sushiIf you love miso soup, you might love this variation on i

A Great Lobster Roll

sushiDo you love lobster? I know it’s not traditional s

Salmon and Mango Sushi Rolls

sushiWant to spice up your next sushi night? How about

Want to Try Putting Steak in a Sushi Roll?

sushiOkay, so sushi without fish may sound

Japanese Cities have their own Types of Sushi!

japanDid you know that the different cities of Japan actually have their own types of

Sashimi or Sushi?

Sashimi or Sushi? The terminology sushi and sashimi do get thrown around quite a bit but do you know what they are? Well sushi can be looked at as an ‘all inclusive’ packag

How Much Do You Really Know About Sushi

How Much Do You Really Know About Sushi? When you go sit down at a Japanese restaurant to order sushi, do you ever wonder what exactly are all the items on the menu and what the differ

Changing Your Take Out Food Choices

sushi take outEating sushi can change the way that everyone enjoys meal time together tremendously because it just

One of the Healthiest Meals Out There

  Sushi is one of those foods that is actually very delicious while at the same time very healthy. As a dish filled with proteins, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates, it is one of the best meals you can probably eat. The ingredients

Meat vs. Veggie

Some may say the debate between meat eaters and vegetarians is just about as serious, and sometimes as vicious, as the working mom verses stay-at-home mom debate. Not comparing food to the life of a mother, but the reason the debate can get so int

Sushi Industry is Big Business

Did you know that even after being in this world in some form for almost a century, sushi is one of the most popular dishes, well recognized dishes, and is still growing? Sushi restaurants are opening all over America and around the world. How is

Sushi: A Long Rich History

Most of the time when people are eating their favorite meal, or some really good food, they don’t spend their time discussing the origins of that food. They typically just eat it, either with some knowledge of where the food originated or ju

The Ever Evolving Argument: Sushi vs. Hibachi

There is much debate on the internet in discussion forums, on review websites, and in people’s comments with their personal opinions about whether Chinese food is better than Japanese food, and if hibachi is better than sushi. People really

First Time? It's OK. It's Just Sushi

So after much consideration, research, and intense thought, you have decided you are ready. It is your first time and you are a little nervous. It is ok. Everybody is a little nervous their first time, but once you try it, you will not be able to

Make Your Sushi at Home

Sushi has become not only one of the most recognizable dishes that has emerged from Japan, but it is one of the most recognizable dishes around the world. No matter where you go whether sushi bar, restaurant, or even your local fresh market you wi

The Rise of the California Roll

In every arena in life there is something or someone who rises to the top. In American sports it is football, across the world it is football. New York City is the fashion capital of the world, although London, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles are ri

The Struggles of Homemade Sushi

You are the master of cooking at your home. You watch all the cooking shows, the head-to-head chef battles, and you have taken your cooking game to the next level. There is no meat or vegetable you can’t grill, fry, or turn into a delicious

Differences in American and Japanese Sushi

America is known for taking food from other cultures and putting an American “twist” to it. Take pizza. Many Italians will tell you that the pizza that is eaten in America, and that people have delivered late at night and eat cold in t

Alternative to the Maki Sushi Roll

So, you have gotten your ingredients and you have tried over and over again to make the sushi roll you wanted. You have tried raw fish, and grilled fish, and shrimp and crab, and carrots, and cucumbers, avocados and cream cheese, and for the life

Sushi for Beginners, Pt. 1

 sushi Sushi is one of those pola

The Sushi Burrito

When you think of sushi, chances are good that

Sushi for Beginners, Pt. 2

rainbow rollIn the first part of this series, you learned all about th

Healthy Sushi

sushiA lot of people adore sushi. It’s not difficult to understand why, either

Sushi for Weight Loss

Really, is there anything that sushi CAN’T do? If you live anywhere with a decent sushi place, chances are good that you’ve heard plenty of people rave about their favorite sushi dish or roll. Sushi fans love enthusing about our favori

Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Are you looking for a healthy food that’s all too often overlooked? Give seafood a shot! Fish is a food packed with a surprising amount of health benefits that can really benefit most people. Full of important things like vitamin D and prote

Want to get the most out of your workout? Try seafood!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just stay healthy, we’re all looking for that magic “pill” that will help us attain perfect health. As we all know, however, there’s no such pill in existence &nda

How to Spot Spoiled Sushi

Are you one of those people who has never been able to understand the appeal of sushi? While there are certainly individuals who simply don’t like the dishes – and we’re all entitled to our opinions,

How to Tell a Bad Sushi Place from a Good One

Sushi seems like it’s everywhere. I’ve seen sushi served in a steakhouse, for example, as well as burger joint! Well, I should say that I’ve seen “sushi” served everywhere. We all know that there’s a pretty big

Why Drinking Tea with Your Sushi is a Good Idea

There are a lot of reasons wh

Is sushi REALLY good for you?

Let’s be honest: sushi is delicious. I love it, you probably love it – it’s a tasty type of cuisine. A big part of the appeal, however, is just how healthy it is. We’ve talked about this before: sushi can be incredibly bene

Dessert Sushi Ideas

Do you love dessert? Of course you do! Almost everyone has at least one dessert that they find absolutely irresistible. I bet you’ve never considered the concept of dessert sushi, however – and that’s a shame, because it’s

Sashimi vs. Sushi

To many people, the term “sushi” is a broad, all encompassing one that tends to cover all dishes primarily composed of raw fish. In actuality, however, sushi refers to a very specific kind of dish. When it comes to other forms o

How to Make Sushi Rice

One of the most important components of any good sushi roll is, of course, the rice! Many people make the mistake of simply making white rice and plopping it around some raw fish when it comes to homemade sushi. Doing it that way will only reward

How to Cut Sushi Rolls

Sushi delicious treat that you can enjoy just about any time of the day. It’s a deceptively simple food. While they might not be packed full of complicated ingredients, sushi rolls depend upon the careful combination of a few components in t

Sushi and Pregnancy

It seems like public opinion has already decided that sushi is a no-no when it comes to tasty meals to eat during pregnancy. Is it really a bad thing to consider consuming, however? And if so, why is that? The truth is

Sushi Side Dishes

Sushi is a favorite of many people. It can even be made at home, which is particularly useful for sushi-fiends who want their favorite rolls without spending time or money at a restaurant. One of the more difficult aspects of serving sushi as full

Plan a Sushi Party

Well, maybe not. I mean, I’d totally go to a sushi party – but if you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re looking for tips on how to serve sushi at a party without going broke or creating a disjointed menu. It can

Great YouTube Channels for the Sushi Beginner

Japanese foodWhen it comes to cooking Japanese cuisine

The Best Sushi Podcasts

Let’s face it: there’s only so much that you can comprehend by reading your computer screen. Eventually your attention will wane and your eyes will tire, and the learning will be over for the day. Thi

The Most Expensive Sushi in the States

sushiPerhaps one of the best thin

The Best Sushi in the World

sushiSushi is such a versatile dish that it can go

Making the Right Choice for Sushi Delivery

The food delivery industry has grown immens

The History of Sushi, Pt. 1

When it comes to popular cuisine, it’s no secret that

The History of Sushi, Pt. 2

Welcome to our second entry in our new series “The His

The History of Sushi, Pt. 3

In the first and second parts

This History of Sushi, Pt. 4

We’re almost finished with another series! In the firs

The History of Sushi, Pt. 5

Welcome back! We’ve made it through four whole parts o

The History of Sushi, Pt. 6: Different Types of Sushi

We’ve finally made it to the end of our “History

Eat Sushi For Increased Overall Health

  As people try to lose weight and live healthier

Does Sushi Really Help With Weight Loss?

  So this whole time I have been eating sushi becau

Sushi Fundamentals

Do you love sushi as much as

How Do You Eat Sushi?

This is a question that I hear all the time. It can be co

All About Wasabi

There are lots of different topics to think about when it comes to sushi. From the best way to eat your

Sushi & Ginger

When it comes to sushi, there are a few constants that you can cou

Summer Sushi Pt. 1: Best Drinks for Sushi

Sushi is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed all year round. In fact, it’s just as tasty in the snow as it is in 10

Summer Sushi Pt. 2: Best Sushi Rolls for Summer!

It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means that there are a lot of people trying to adapt t

Summer Sushi Pt. 3: The Best Food for Summertime

The summer can be a difficult time when it comes to finding food that tastes great, is easy to make, and won’t ove

Best Time to Eat Sushi?

Sushi is a tasty dish that can be quite versatile and variable in its presentation as well as taste. That means th

Best Fish for Sushi

What’s your favorite kind of sushi? When it comes to sushi dishes, the truth is that the amount of variety is staggering. You can find something with almost any type of fish imaginable – and, to be honest, you’ll probably even be

Japanese Food Podcasts

At, I think it’s pretty clear that we love sushi. I mean, we talk about it all the time, we offer the best delivery service around, and we’re just overall fans of the cuisine. Sometimes even we like to branch out a bit, howev

Making Sushi at Home

Sushi isn’t just a trendy food at the moment – it’s a cuisine that has endured the tests of time and only continues to find a home in more and more places as time continues to pass. It’s not a fad, in other words, but rathe

Best Sushi Blogs

Blogs are one of the best ways to keep track of your favorite interests. They allow you to essentially find someone who shares your passion and then stay in touch with them as they create new and interesting things. They’re a source of inspi

The Best Sushi Cookbooks

We’ve been talking a lot about sushi lately. More specifically, we’ve been taking a look at the people who talk about sushi and the topics they choose to discuss rather than specific recipes themselves. This blog post is both similar a

Fundamental Sushi Tools

This blog post might be slightly controversial. There are lots of different tools that you can pick up when it comes to sushi, and there are also lots of people who will either agree or disagree that they are necessary. Everyone has their own meth

The Best Sushi Knives

We’ve been talking a lot about how you can maximize your ability to create sushi at home. Despite the naysayers, it is possible to create tasty sushi all on your own – as long as you take the time to learn the proper technique and prac

How to Choose a Sushi Knife

We’ve talked about the importance of buying a knife dedicated to and designed for sushi in the past. We’ve even talked about some of the top knives to consider when you’re out there looking for the best option you can find. What

A Deeper Look At Your Sushi Chef

 As many may know, the sushi chef it not just the manager of the sushi, or making up new dishes like a head chef in a restaurant. The sushi chef is an integrated part of a true authentic sushi experience.  Even when you cannot have the f

The Best Sushi in San Francisco

  You can travel from the concrete jungles of the east coast to the hills and valleys of the south to the beaches and vineyards of the west coast and you are sure to find a place that serves sushi to your liking, but there are some pla

Get More Than Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

 Anybody who has ever been to Chicago, IL and has had their deep dish pizza knows that there is nothing in America, dare I say the world, that can compare to it. People travel from all over the place to eat deep dish pizza from Chicago, and r

Best Sushi in NYC

When you think of New York City and food, there are a lot of options at your disposal. New York style pizza, for example, is always a popular choice (and topic for debate). But while there are certainly plenty of food options in NYC, one of our fa

The Best Sushi in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things. In fact, it is probably one of the most infamous cities in the United States when it comes to indulgence. Whether you want to spend some time in the casino or out on the strip, there is almost certainly somethin

Our Favorite Sushi Spots in Vancouver

Are you a sushi fan? We sure are! We love sushi, and even more than that, we love finding the best restaurants all around the world to ensure we can soothe our sushi cravings anywhere and everywhere. The next stop on our List of Sushi Destinations

Best Sushi Spots in Boston

When you think of Boston, what kind of food comes to mind? Perhaps the Boston style pizza or Boston style hot dog, right? That was certainly my first thought! Of course, we wouldn’t be writing this blog post if that was the only good food th

Best Sushi Spot in Maui

 When it comes to vacation destinations, few places are as highly traveled as Hawaii. From beautiful views to challenging hikes, Hawaii truly offers it all – and their food is second to none. One of the reasons that so many travelers fi

First Olympic Look: Top Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

  The Olympic Games just ended and Tokyo was announced as the next host city of the International Olympic Games. Even though the next Olympic Games is four years away, there are people who are already thinking about going and looking i

The Unlikely Home of The Best Sushi Restaurants

  There are some places in America that you just feel like are going to have good sushi. California because they are close to the water, it is one of the healthiest states in America, and they have a high Asian and collegiate populatio

The Best Sushi Spots in Miami

Do you love sushi? You know we do! But we don’t love ALL sushi. I know, that sounds crazy! Hear me out. When we say that we love sushi, what we mean is that we love GOOD sushi. We love fresh, delicious sushi that is carefully prepared and se

The Best Sushi Spot in Washington, D.C.

Today we are continuing with our “Best Sushi Spots” series with by bravely venturing forth into the nation’s capital! At, we believe that you should have only the best sushi around, wherever you happen to be. That is wh

The Best Sushi Spots in Seattle

Hello fellow sushi lovers! Today I want to continue talking about the best sushi restaurants all over the world! Unfortunately, I can’t fit all of them into a single post – so today we’re going to focus on the best sushi spots in

The Best Sushi in Tokyo: Part One

Sushi has truly become an international phenomenon, with Michelin recognized sushi restaurants residing in many countries around the globe. In fact, sushi lovers can find some tasty Japanese food almost anywhere these days. That is not to say, how

Best Sushi in Tokyo, Take Two

Are you ready for another round of awesome sushi restaurants in Tokyo? I know I am! In the first part of this series, we talked about three of the best sushi spots in Tokyo (also known as the birthplace of sushi): Sukiyabashi Jiro, Sushi Saito, an

Best Sushi in the World

When it comes to the best sushi around, it is perhaps no surprise that many of the most well recognized restaurants are located in Japan. In fact, the three most celebrated and world renowned sushi restaurants are all in Japan and are owned and op

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Most Expensive Restaurants in the World, Pt. 1

When it comes to fine dining, it is important to note that not only is the food expected to be amazing, but the entire experience as a whole should be equally as charming. Without both components – good food and a great atmosphere for diners

The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World, Pt. 2

Remember, when it comes to fine dining, it is all about the experience. This includes food, of course, but also includes things like the entertainment, the décor, and the overall atmosphere. Without all of these components – good food

The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World, Pt. 3

Remember, when it comes to fine dining, it is all about the experience. This includes food, entertainment, décor, and the overall atmosphere. Without all of these components – good food and a great atmosphere for diners – one wo

The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World, Pt. 4

Are you ready for even more amazing restaurants? For the fourth part in our fine dining experiences series, we have pulled out all the stops and are excited to show you some places that truly excel when it comes to the spirit of fine dining. Remem

The Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants in the World, Pt. 5

Curious about the fine dining experience, and just how much you can expect to pay for the indulgence? Welcome to our fifth part in our “Most Expensive Restaurants in the World” series, where we take an in depth look at some of the pric

The Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants in the World, pt. 6

In the last part of our “Most Expensive Restaurants in the World” series, we’re taking a look at two final entries into the fine dining category that are truly special. Like the others on the list, they offer amazing food in addi