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The New Tuna: Vegan Tomato Sushi Is a Real Thing

There are efforts to create sustainable sushi. The newest is the tomato sushi, a tuna alternative which has the flavor and texture of real tuna.

Side Dishes You Can Serve with Sushi at Home

Sushi dishes can be served with various side dishes. They can come in different tastes and flavors but all work to compliment the delicate sushi flavor.

Peculiar Ingredients In Sushi You Might Want to Try

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish which often includes sushi rice, nori, and seafood. However, there are sushi dishes that contain some weird ingredients.

Makizushi Galore: Everything You Can Make With It

Makizushi or sushi roll is one of the common types of sushi. It is also the most varied and is made with nori, sushi rice, and sushi fillings.

5 Nigiri Sushi Shapes and Styles You’ll Be Interested to Know

Nigiri is a hand-shaped sushi that is also one of the easiest sushi dishes to make at home. It also comes in different varieties that you can try.

What Drinks to Offer During Your Sushi Party at Home

Choosing the right drinks to go with sushi should be done with care. Common Japanese drinks for sushi includes green tea, sake, and beer.

3 Sushi Making Procedures to Practice at Home

Making sushi takes skills like a master sushi chef. Practicing some sushi making procedures can be convenient when making the best sushi at home.

Sushi Gift Ideas That Will Make Sushi Lovers Elated

The craze for sushi extends to the various sectors of the market in this age of technology. You will surely never be short of ideas in gift giving.

Sushi Appreciation from Personalities That Will Make You Ponder

Sushi became and will continue to become a subject of many talks and speeches worldwide with the increasing appreciation to the Japanese cultural icon.

Sushi-mania: How Do You Know if You Are Obsessed With Sushi?

When you start eating sushi, you might feel that you will be addicted to it at some point in your life. What could be the symptoms of this sushi-mania?

Worldwide Sushi Events and Workshops to Watch Out for This 2017

Sushi has become the icon of the eastern culture since its global inception in the 70s. Festivals and workshops further make it the food to watch out for.

Beat Them: The Best Worldwide Records About Everything Sushi

As if the sushi itself is not exciting enough, people all over the world are now breaking record after record of sushi consumption and creation feats!

Must-Try Homemade Chocolate Sushi Recipes for Beginners

The traditional sushi just got better with the introduction of chocolate as its fusion ingredient! This makes sushi without rice a thing to try.

Sushi and Its Continued Palatability to the European Tongue

The sushi of Japan has made its way to Europe through its ever-changing form and palatability. Must-try restaurants in Europe will also be detailed!

The Right Way of Eating Sushi According to Sushi Chefs

There is really no wrong way of eating a sushi dish. However, there are better ways to eat sushi to make you relish and enjoy its real flavor.

The Different Types of Sushi Dishes Made by Hand

You can find many varieties of sushi in Japanese restaurants, but you can also make them at home. The easiest to make at home are the ones made by hand.

Sushi Glossary: Types and Common Ingredients

Sushi is a very popular traditional Japanese dish in many parts of the world. There are also various types of sushi with distinct ingredients and flavors.

Funazushi: The Oldest and Most Exotic Sushi Dish

Funazushi is one of the oldest Japanese sushi dishes which takes about 3 years to make. This is rare and can only be found in a certain region in Japan.

Discover the Old-Style Sushi Dishes Wrapped in Leaves

Most sushi types are wrapped in nori, but do you know that some are wrapped in leaves? Some sushi dishes in Japan are even wrapped using various leaves.

Condiments and Accompaniments for Every Sushi Dish

Sushi is a delectable traditional Japanese dish by itself but additional condiments and accompaniments enhance its flavor and make it safe to eat.