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Top 5 of the Most Popular Sushi Rolls in the West

Sushi roll is the most varied type of sushi you can find. Aside from the traditional makizushi, you can also try a lot of westernized sushi rolls.

Hanaya Yohei: Everything About Who Created Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri is one of the oldest forms of Japanese sushi from the Edo era. HanayaYohei is credited to be the father of nigiri sushi during the end of the era.

Ways to Eat Nori in Sushi and Other Japanese Dishes

Nori, with its distinct taste, became a staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Learn a few ways to eat nori in sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Ways to Eat Mentaiko in Sushi and Other Japanese Dishes

Mentaiko is a common ingredient in Japanese food, and it is made from raw pollock. Here are a few ways you can enjoy mentaiko in sushi dishes.

Different Types of Japanese Tea to Complement with Sushi

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Chopsticks Manners to Remember When in a Japanese Sushi Bar

Using chopsticks is the best way to eat your sushi. Learn a few Japanese chopsticks manners to be a step away from being a sushi pro.

5 Variations of Onigiri Sushi to Know and Try

Onigiri is the traditional Japanese rice ball and is often considered as sushi but with regular sticky rice. Learn a few onigiri variations you can try now.

3 Facts to Know About Aburaage in Inari Sushi

Aburaage is a staple ingredient in making the traditional inari sushi. Learn some facts about this dish such as its legend and its uses in Japanese cuisine.

What Is Omakase?: Everything You Need to Know

The omakase culture is popular in Japanese sushi restaurants. It is a way to let the sushi chef choose your order and give you a memorable sushi experience.

Authentic Japanese Sushi Dishes to Try When You Visit Japan

While there are lots of sushi varieties today, nothing beats traditional Japanese sushi. Look for authentic Japanese sushi to try when you visit Japan.

Generous Roll: The World’s Largest Sushi Roll You Can Order

There areseveral interesting facts all about sushi. Experience the taste of the largest sushi roll ever made which is available when you visit Japan.

Various Rare Sushi Dishes to Try and Their Tastes

It is a great food adventure to try to venture out from the regular sushi dishes. Find some of the rare Japanese sushi and try them even once.

Top 3 Most Expensive Fish for Sushi Ever Purchased

Bluefin is one of the most favored fish used in sushi. It is also the most expensive fish ever sold for sushi in the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan.

Everything About Pre-Made Sushi and Its Safety Guide

Pre-made sushi dishes can be healthy and safe to consume when chosen right. Learn some guides on how to make sure that the pre-made sushi you buy is safe.

Top 5 of the Most Interesting Sushi World Records

Sushi is a very popular Japanese dish in many parts of the world. Know more about some of the sushi world records that make it even more interesting to try.

Guide in Identifying Sustainable Seafood for Sushi

Using sustainable seafood for sushi can provide many health benefits. Follow the guide on how to identify sustainable sushi depending on several factors.

Tips to Consider When in an Eat-All-You-Can Sushi

Eat-all-you-can sushi in one of the must-do for every sushi fan. Know some of the common tips to maximize your eat all you can eat sushi experience.

Know the Man Behind the Famous Invention of Sushi Conveyor Belt

A conveyor belt sushi restaurant is an amazing way to experience sushi. Learn the history and the man behind the invention of the great sushi conveyor belt.

Frequently Asked Questions About the History of Sushi

Sushi is a favorite traditional Japanese dish that has grown through centuries. Learn the history of sushi that dates back to the 3rd century B.C.

Discover What’s Behind the Restaurant With Longest Sushi Train

Sushi trains or conveyor belt sushi is a fun way to experience sushi. Find out where the longest sushi train is and plan your visit.