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4 Easy to Follow Sushi Recipes You Should Try

You don’t need to study for 10 years and become a head sushi chef to make your own sushi. Find an easy sushi recipe and you can make this dish at home.

How a Sushi Chef Became a Japanese Hero in Somalia

Kiyoshi Kimura is known for his exquisite taste in different fish used for sushi. He is not just a respected businessman, but he is also a Japanese Hero in Somalia.

Tuna King: From a Humble Sushi Chef to a Big Time CEO

Kiyoshi Kimura started as a simple and humble sushi chef who became famous in buying the best and most expensive tuna for sushi during New Year Auctions.

8 Sumptuous Sushi Roll Recipes Without the Raw Fish

These sushi without raw fish recipes are simple and easy to make. It is perfect for pregnant women, children, and even those who don’t like to eat raw fish.

6 Different Types of Japanese Sushi You Should Know

You don’t have to keep on guessing and wondering when you order in a Japanese restaurant, especially when you know these basic types of sushi.

10 Variations of Cooked Sushi Recipes You Can Try at Home

You don’t have to eat raw fish if you want sushi. You can choose sushi recipes with cooked ingredients, and you won’t have to think about the unappealing components.

Kinds of Sushi That Will Make You Gain Weight

Sushi makes you fat only if you don’t know what sushi to eat and what to avoid. Any sushi with high-calorie content should be eaten in moderation.

Learn Different Easy-to-Prepare Sushi Salad Recipes

Sushi salad bowl is both a healthy and delicious meal that anyone can prepare at home. Minimal cooking skill is required so anyone can make this recipe.

5 Variations of Delicious Sushi Rolls That You Should Try

The most common types of sushi rolls that people prefer are spicy tuna roll, California roll. Futomaki roll, Philadelphia roll and hope roll.

Satisfy Your Craving With This Sushi Burrito Recipe

Try out this simple and delicious sushi burrito recipe or you can make your own using ingredients that you can find your own pantry.

Standard Responsibilities of a Restaurant Sushi Chef

The responsibilities of a sushi chef are not just limited in one area. As head sushi chef, you also need to supervise your staff and make important business decisions.

Meet Five of the World’s Greatest Sushi Chefs Today

These five known sushi chefs proved that with hard work, passion and dedication to your job, you can get to the top and become a great sushi chef.

5 Characteristics of an Outstanding Sushi Chef

To become one of the best sushi chefs, you need more than just talents and skills. You also need to possess certain qualities to succeed in your profession.

3 Delicious Sushi in a Bowl Recipes That You Will Love

Sushi in a bowl recipes are ideal for people who want to prepare sushi but don’t have the right skills to do the proper rolling and cutting techniques.

How to Become a Successful Professional Sushi Chef

To become a professional sushi chef you need to complete all the requirements and at the same time prove yourself to your sushi chef mentor.

Sushi Variation That Is Safe for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant doesn’t have to stop you from eating sushi. There are many kinds of sushi that do not have a detrimental effect on pregnant women and the fetus.

Significant Information About Sushi Knives

When you know the different types and classifications of sushi knives, it will be easier for you to identify what kind of knife you need.

5 Interesting Information You Don’t Know About Sushi

This interesting information you will learn about sushi may come as a surprise to you and may even correct your wrong mindset about this dish

6 Things You Should Learn Before Eating Sushi

Learn important facts about sushi before you try the dish for the first time so you have an idea of what to expect before, during, and after eating sushi.

5 Finest Authentic Sushi Restaurants in Japan

When visiting Tokyo, you should visit at least one of these famous sushi restaurants where you get to enjoy various sushi courses prepared by famous chefs.