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Salmon: 5 Things To Know About The Best Sushi Fish

Salmon, although fairly new, is one of the popular types of fish for sushi. Find out about the best sushi fish before you order your next sushi meal.

Ordering Omakase: 5 Things To Know Before Taking The Plunge

Ordering omakase can be a great kind of sushi adventure. Find out five important things you have to know before ordering one.

Japanese Ways of Eating Sushi in a Restaurant

Sushi is part of the Japanese tradition. Find out the Japanese ways of eating sushi in a restaurant to help you appreciate the culture more.

Stay Healthy with These 5 Plant-Based Sushi Dishes

Sushi is not only about the rice with a piece of raw fish. Find out some plant-based sushi dishes that are specially made for vegetarians.

Diet Police: Enjoy No-Carb Sushi Dishes with 7 Alternatives

Are you on a no-carb diet? There is no reason to stop enjoying your favorite Japanese meal entirely with these no-carb sushi dishes.

How Does Sea Urchin Travel from Japan to Your Sushi Plate?

Ever wonder how a sea urchin sushi from Japan is still fresh on your plate even if you are in another country? Find out how that is possible here.

2 of the Most Unlikely Sushi Combinations Brewing Right Now

Sushi has grown over the years from being just a traditional dish. Find out what’s brewing about the unlikely sushi combinations these days.

Michelin-Starred Sushi Restaurants From All Over the World

A Michelin star would be an assurance you are getting excellent food. Find out the Michelin starred sushi restaurants from all over the world.

Japanese Rice Varieties for Sushi You Should Know About

The rice used in making sushi comes in a wide variety. Find out the different Japanese rice varieties for sushi and choose the best one.

From Japan to the US: 5 World-Class Sushi Restaurants

From Japan, the sushi craze is now all over North America. Find out the great sushi restaurants you can go to in both Japan and the US.

3 Important Qualities to Look for in a Sushi Dish

Not all sushi dishes are made equal. Find an excellent sushi using the three important qualities that you should look for in a sushi dish.

6 Differences Between a Good Sushi and a Great Sushi

An excellent sushi dish is the best there is. Find out how you can easily choose between the good and great sushi with their differences.

Health Police: 9 Things You Should Not Order in a Sushi Restaurant

Not all sushi dishes are made healthy. Find out here several types of sushi meals that you should avoid ordering in a sushi restaurant.

5 Reasons Why Some Sushi Dishes Can Make You Fat

Not all sushi dishes are made the same, some are healthy, and some are not. Find out the reason why some sushi dishes can make you fat.

Best Types of Fish to Order According to the Sushi Chef

There are overrated and underrated fishes used in sushi. Find out the best type of fish for sushi according to the sushi chefs themselves.

5 Sushi Eating Sins Your Sushi Chef Would Get Angry About

Trust your sushi chef in making your dish and telling you how to eat it. find out the sushi eating sins that the sushi chef would get angry with.

5 of the Weirdest Sushi Trends in the US

Sushi has come a long way from being a traditional Japanese dish. Find out five of the weirdest sushi trends that originated in the US.

Modern Flavors of Sushi That Traditionalists Might Scoff At

While sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, it now has a lot of innovations. Find out some sushi dishes that traditionalists might scoff at.

Sushi Do’s and Don’ts Your Sushi Chef Wants to Tell You Himself

Enjoy eating your sushi better. Find out the sushi do’s and don’ts that your sushi chef wants to tell you himself to help you appreciate the dish.

6 Sushi Myths You Probably Believe but Shouldn’t

Sushi is now a very popular dish. It also comes with a lot of sushi myths that you probably believe in but should not. Find them out here.