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Latest Sushi News: Eat Raw Salmon Without Freezing

A new study shows that you can now eat sushi with raw salmon without freezing. Find out the great places where there is salmon sushi.

Evolution of the Japanese Sushi Over the Years

The evolution of Japanese sushi over the years didn’t change the fact that it is a tasty dish. Find out where you can get a delectable sushi dish.

Designer Nori: You Can Now Try Some Fancy Sushi Rolls

The designer nori is a new trend that can make sushi rolls even more picture perfect. Find out what this is about and where you can find it.

Avocado: The Wonders of a Common Sushi Ingredient

There are a lot of benefits in eating avocados. Find out how and where to go so you can enjoy the many avocado benefits in a sushi dish.

5 Sushi Bucket List You Definitely Have to Try

Sushi is a favorite dish of many. Find out all the sushi adventures you can do and the things you need to include in your sushi bucket list.

Top 4 Worst Behaviors In a Sushi Conveyor Belt to Get Rid Off

Dining in a sushi conveyor belt is great. However, there are some worst behaviors in a sushi conveyor belt that you should be aware of.

Find Out What the Sushi Shaved Ice Is All About

A new creation was specially-crafted to complement your every sushi meal. Find out what the sushi shaved ice is all about and where to find it.

Top 5 Conveyor Belt Sushi Chains in Sapporo

Sapporo has a lot of sushi chains that offers quality dishes. Find out the top 5 conveyor belt sushi chains in Sapporo you have to visit next.

Nutella Sushi of France: A Sweet Delicacy You Have to Try

France has a lot to offer when it comes to modern sushi. Find out what is the sweet Nutella Sushi of France and where you can taste it.

3 of the Most Fashionable Sushi in Kyoto, Japan

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish that is not just delicious but also picture-perfect. Find out where you can go for fashionable sushi in Kyoto.

Makis de Crepes: The New French Twist for Sushi

The makis de crepes are the new French twist for the traditional Japanese sushi. Find out what it is all about and where you can go to taste this French dish.

Sushi Gratin: Korea’s Answer to Plain Makizushi

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. However, there is also a funky Korean version of it. Find out what the new Korean sushi gratin is all about.

Important Rules to Eating Sushi Like a True Sensei

There are right ways to eat the traditional Japanese dish. Find out the important rules on how you can eat sushi like a true sensei.

Ham Sushi Bento: Hokkaido’s Newest Craze to Try

There are a lot of sushi fusions you can find. However, the most interesting are the ham sushi bento which is a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine.

Every Country’s Best Sushi Dishes You Should Try

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that has also become popular in other countries. Find out where you can taste the best sushi outside of Japan.

3 Hidden Benefits of Eating Sushi When Pregnant

A lot of women skip eating sushi once they know they have conceived. There are some hidden benefits of eating sushi when pregnant. Read on to know more.

3 Do-It-Yourself Sushi Desserts You Might Want to Serve Your Family

Have you heard of a sweet sushi? Explore these do-it-yourself sushi desserts for your family to give spice on your favorite iconic Japanese staple.

Sushi Surprise: World’s Most Expensive Sushi Made

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese meals. Discover the world’s most expensive sushi made by a Filipino. Read more here to know how it was made.

One Man We Need to Give Credit for the Invention of Sushi

Did you know who do we thank to for the sushi we are enjoying today? Discover the man we need to give credit for the invention of sushi.

5 Odd Sushi Flavors Served in Japanese Restaurants

Explore the world of sushi innovation and try out odd sushi flavors in Japan you may never hear about. Read more here to discover odd sushi flavors.