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Trident Launches On Arbitrum, AVAX, BSC

Stable and Classic Pools now live on three new chains



Today, we are pleased to announce that we have released Trident on three separate chains, each with their own incredible community: Arbitrum, Avalanche (C-Chain) and BNB Smart Chain (BSC)! Trident is our extensible framework for creating any type of Automated Market Maker (AMM) ever needed, utilizing a unified interface to allow developers to quickly iterate over and develop their own pools, no matter how novel or complex.

Trident brings a wealth of on-chain benefits to each of the communities. Though Trident is at the heart of the operation, it itself is not an AMM - it plays host for developers to create their own AMMs, in their own ecosystems, without having to reinvent the wheel. As most AMMs have the same underlying methods hardcoded into them, Trident has consolidated all of these methods into their own interface that can easily be extended and is always compatible with previous versions.

Leveraging this unified interface, developers can engineer their own high volume pools of different types, earning on the fees generated from them. Moreover, the launch of Trident on these chains mean that both Classic Pools and Stable Pools are now available on each! In addition, Trident is built upon the Sushi Token Vault (formerly known as BentoBox), which allows for any tokens deposited into these pools to generate passive income for any LPs as well. Users will save money on each and every swap as Tines, our in-house smart ordering router, calculates the best, most cost-efficient routes for all executed trades, automatically.

We are excited to bring the benefits of Trident to Arbitrum, Avalanche and BSC and look forward to working with each of them to help create an exciting and mutually beneficial ecosystem for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to learn more about Trident and its benefits, Sushi, Arbitrum, Avalanche or BSC, please consider checking out any of the following links:

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