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Trident Pools Deprecation: Action Required

Withdraw your liquidity from Trident Pools before 15 March 2024


We are announcing that the final steps of the Trident pools deprecation have now begun. This move aims to streamline the user experience and enhance our platform's operational efficiency.


Launched as a significant improvement in Automated Market Maker (AMM) design, the Trident framework was set to offer features like the Constant Product Pool, lower gas fees, and integration with BentoBox for better efficiency. In May 2023, Sushi V3 AMM was launched as Trident's direct replacement, leading to the Trident Pools deprecation in favor of this upgraded and more efficient platform.

Trident Pools will soon be deprecated: Remove your assets ASAP

Withdraw your liquidity from Trident Pools before 15 March 2024, 23:59 EST. Post this date, the UI will be discontinued, requiring withdrawals to be done via smart contract or with manual support from our team, potentially leading to delays. For those wishing to continue providing liquidity on Sushi, we encourage migrating to our V3 Automated Market Maker (AMM).

To initiate the withdrawal process, please visit the Sushi UI [Pools] tab > [My Positions] and check if you have any Trident Stable or Trident Classic positions. Then click the "Remove" button in the Trident UI to remove liquidity.

To facilitate this transition, we've prepared detailed guides, FAQ, and established support channels dedicated to assisting with any questions or requirements you may have during the migration process.

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