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TOSHI Trading Competition

A Total of US$5000 Reward Pool Up For Grabs


Toshi Trading competition

Following the successful launch on Base; we are Introducing the very first “ Sushi $TOSHI Trading Competition” to our community!

Campaign Period:

17 Aug 2023, 12:00 (noon) EST – 24 Aug 2023, 11:59 EST (1 Week)

Steps to Participate:

  1. Join via this Questly link
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Swap a minimum of US$100 worth of $TOSHI on Sushi

Prize: Total Reward Pool of US$5,000

1. The top 10 users, ranked by trading volume, will win up to US$1,000 in $TOSHI.

The prizes will be distributed in accordance with the table below:


2. Bonus: 5 lucky participants, chosen at random, will also receive a prize of US$100 in $TOSHI each!

Join today and stand a chance to win big with the TOSHI competition on the Base Network with Sushi!

FAQs for Sushi $TOSHI Trading Competition

  1. Do I have to sign up?

Just provide a login name on Questly. Adding your Twitter handle is optional, but it helps us announce winners and DM you in case you win.

  1. How can I check my participation status and leaderboard position?

You can view both on the Questly dashboard.

  1. How frequently is the leaderboard refreshed?

It's updated every minute.

  1. Is the $100 requirement a one-time trade or accumulative within the campaign period?

As long as you swap an accumulative $100 within the campaign, you are qualified.

  1. When will I receive my prize?

Prizes will be distributed within 72 hours via Questly.

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