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Introducing the SushiXSwap v2 upgrade

SushiXSwap has just leveled up!


SushiXSwap has just leveled up! After introducing SushiXSwap in 2022 – the first-ever cross-chain swap – and SushiXSwap v2 in 2023, we are excited to present another upgrade. While v1 pioneered cross-chain token swapping, v2 offers improvements in several areas, including more chains and tokens to swap, more convenience, and enhanced security. Let's take a closer look at what’s new in v2!

What's New?

SushiXSwap, the best cross-chain swap, has expanded its reach! Users can now seamlessly swap assets across 14 supported chains, in addition to the previous 7 chains, without the need for bridging or wrapping, as Sushi will take care of the action. You can now cross-chain swap natively across the networks below:

✅ Ethereum  
✅ Arbitrum  
✅ Optimism  
✅ Polygon  
✅ Base  
✅ BNB Chain  
✅ Avalanche  
✅ Scroll (new)  
✅ Linea (new)  
✅ Fantom (new)  
✅ Moonbeam (new)  
✅ Celo (new)  
✅Filecoin (new)
✅Kava (new)

Integration with Axelar's Squid Router v2

The 7 recently added chains are supported by Squid v2. Squid v2, powered by Axelar, is an advanced cross-chain routing protocol that facilitates seamless communication and asset transfers across multiple blockchain networks. By leveraging Axelar's decentralized network and robust infrastructure, Squid v2 ensures efficient and secure cross-chain transactions. Squid v2 includes enhancements that significantly reduce response times, improve transaction efficiency, and expand support to additional blockchains. Squid v2 enables SushiXSwap to provide users with faster, more reliable cross-chain swaps, further enhancing the overall user experience.

SushiXSwap Use Cases

You might be wondering, "Sure, I can swap tokens from one chain to another, but what practical purposes does it serve?" Here are the key and most common use cases:

  • Discover new tokens on different chains before they reach centralized exchanges, allowing you to diversify your crypto portfolio with unique assets.
  • Streamline token consolidation back to Ethereum from various Layer 1 networks, simplifying asset management and centralizing your crypto holdings for easier tracking and utilization.

What’s Next?

In the next phase of SushiXSwap, we're extending our reach across more blockchain networks, including both EVM and non-EVM chains, and facilitating the seamless integration of new networks and additional messaging protocols through continuous integrations with the best interoperable protocols in the industry, including Axelar, Chainlink, and Stargate.

Together, these developments bring cross-chain swaps to a new level. SushiXSwap will offer more tokens across more networks, delivering a faster, cheaper, and more secure cross-chain swap experience, making SushiXSwap the best cross-chain swap out there. Our goal is to simplify DeFi for all users, so stay tuned for what's coming next!

Important Links:

Sushi: https://www.sushi.com/
SushiXSwap: https://www.sushi.com/swap/cross-chain
Axelar: https://www.axelar.network/
Tutorial: https://www.sushi.com/blog/sushixswap-tutorial

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