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Sushi Labs FAQ

All you need to know about Sushi Labs

What is Sushi Labs?

Sushi Labs is the innovation and development arm of Sushi, focused on spearheading new product development, executing Sushi’s broader ecosystem strategy, and exploring cutting-edge solutions to enhance Sushi’s offerings. It operates autonomously to drive the growth and competitiveness of the Sushi ecosystem.

Is Sushi Labs replacing Sushi DAO?

Sushi Labs is not replacing Sushi DAO. The DAO continues to operate, playing a crucial role in governance and decision-making.

Why set up Sushi Labs?

Sushi Labs was established to overcome the challenges of slower response to market changes, reduced development pace, and difficulties in attracting and retaining talent due to bureaucratic processes and an opaque organizational structure. By setting up Sushi Labs, Sushi aims to enhance operational efficiency, accelerate protocol development, and increase the value and utility of the Sushi ecosystem for all stakeholders.

What are the key projects under Sushi Labs?

Key projects include:

  • Route Processor v5: An advanced swap and aggregation engine.
  • Multi-Token Product Suite: To mitigate risks and maximize rewards.
  • Susa (ETH-based Perps DEX): A fully on-chain order book ETH-based perpetuals DEX powered by Layer N.
  • Franchised/Native DEXs: Such as Wara (Solana) and Saru (ApeChain).
  • Sushi Network/Appchain: Exploring the potential launch of a dedicated network or appchain.

How will Sushi Labs impact the existing Sushi DEX?

Sushi DEX will benefit from the innovations and products developed by Sushi Labs, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Sushi Labs' initiatives aim to provide new tools and features that will improve liquidity and trading services on the core Sushi DEX.

How will Sushi Labs improve governance and community empowerment?

While Sushi Labs will drive innovation, the governance and decision-making processes will remain decentralized. The new governance structure includes councils that will ensure community involvement and transparency.

Drawing inspiration from leading DeFi projects, Sushi has adopted a council structure, empowering the community to manage resources effectively. The new structure includes four councils: Sushi High Kitchen, Treasury Council, Grants Council, and Ambassador Council; each focused on specific areas to ensure effective governance and strategic execution. Check out the full council proposal here.

What is the innovative multi-token ecosystem introduced by Sushi Labs?

The multi-token ecosystem aims to mitigate risks associated with single-token ecosystems by introducing a multi-token strategy. This approach distributes product costs, provides maximum rewards to token holders, and taps into high-growth verticals, driving growth and liquidity.

How is the Sushi community being incorporated into this new business model? What are the changes in governance? Moving forward, what role will the DAO (community) play?

The Sushi community is integral to the new business model. The adoption of a council structure allows the community to actively participate in governance through Sushi High Kitchen, Treasury Council, Grants Council, and Ambassador Council. These councils ensure that community members can effectively manage resources and make strategic decisions. The DAO will continue to oversee governance, regulate the Treasury, and participate in council elections via SushiPowah.

How many people from the community will join and/or participate in the council discussions?

The exact number of community participants in the council discussions will be determined through the council election process. Community members will have the opportunity to vote for representatives who will then participate in council discussions and decision-making processes.

In what ways does Sushi Labs believe this new model contributes to its community?

The new model empowers the community by providing a more structured and efficient governance framework. It ensures that community members have a direct impact on decision-making and resource management. Additionally, the innovative products and multi-token ecosystem developed by Sushi Labs aim to enhance the overall value and utility of the Sushi ecosystem, providing tangible benefits and rewards to the community.

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