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Sushi is Live on Rootstock

Bringing Secure Bitcoin-Fi to DeFi

Bringing Secure Bitcoin-Fi to DeFi

We are excited to announce that Sushi is now live on Rootstock, the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin sidechain. This integration allows Sushi users to trade and provide liquidity on Rootstock, leveraging Bitcoin's security and decentralization. This collaboration marks a significant expansion into the DeFi sector for Rootstock, enhancing its ecosystem with Sushi’s advanced trading functionalities. It also strengthens Sushi's multi-chain expansion by adding Rootstock to the network, offering users diverse options for including Bitcoin in DeFi. This highlights a commitment to bridging the gap between Bitcoin-Fi and DeFi, providing more opportunities to leverage Bitcoin assets within the DeFi ecosystem.

What is Rootstock ?

Rootstock Rootstock is the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain. 

It extends Bitcoin’s capabilities by enabling the deployment of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, providing high scalability, fast transactions, and interoperability. Rootstock is secured by over 60% of Bitcoin’s hashing power through merged mining, making it one of the most secure smart contract platforms available.

Rootstock’s ecosystem allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and DeFi protocols using RBTC, a token pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin. This integration ensures that all smart contracts on Rootstock are fully compatible with Ethereum, offering developers a robust platform for building and deploying dApps.

Sushi x Rootstock: Secure and Scalable DeFi on Bitcoin

Users who engage with Rootstock as a Bitcoin-powered DeFi solution can benefit from a range of features Sushi offers:

V2 and V3 AMM: The integration brings Sushi's V2 and V3 Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocols to the Rootstock network. These protocols facilitate token swaps and liquidity provision, with V3 AMM featuring concentrated liquidity to enhance potential returns for liquidity providers. Users can now trade and provide liquidity on Rootstock via the Sushi interface.

DEX Aggregator: Sushi's DEX aggregator ensures users consistently receive the best swapping prices by aggregating liquidity from multiple sources. This optimizes price efficiency and reduces slippage for users.

Route Processor 4 (RP4): Sushi's RP4 brings enhanced efficiency and optimization to the trading process, ensuring users get the best possible execution for their trades.

Smart Pools via Steer Protocol: Leveraging Steer Protocol's V3 Automated Liquidity Management solution, Smart Pools on Rootstock guarantee that liquidity providers in V3 positions consistently earn fees. This approach maximizes returns while minimizing the necessity for active management by liquidity providers.

This strategic integration between Sushi and Rootstock significantly extends Bitcoin-Fi to the predominantly Ethereum-based DeFi space. By leveraging the security provided by the Bitcoin network through Rootstock, users can now enjoy enhanced flexibility and security in their decentralized finance activities.

Engaging with Rootstock

🌉 Bridge: Bridge your assets from Ethereum to Rootstock using the RSK Bridge.

🔄 Swap: Swap tokens on Rootstock.

💧 Liquidity Provision (LP): Provide liquidity to existing pools or create new ones.

Still curious how to bridge assets to Rootstock, swap, and provide liquidity on Sushi?

For a step-by-step guide, check out the full tutorial: [Link]

Important Links

Sushi: [Link]

Rootstock Website | X | Developer Portal | Discord | Youtube | Blog 

Full tutorial to Bridge assets, Swap & LP on Rootstock:

Join us in this exciting new chapter as we bring Bitcoin-powered DeFi to Sushi, making decentralized finance more secure, scalable, and accessible for everyone.

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