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Sushi is live on Aptos

The first non-EVM chain integration is now live


We're excited to announce that Sushi is now live on Aptos! Users can now trade and LP on Aptos via the Sushi V2 AMM.

Following the previous announcement, the integration of Sushi with the Aptos,  the Layer 1 blockchain designed for scalability, security, and an enhanced user experience, is now complete. This collaboration is notable as it represents Sushi's first non-Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain integration.

Introducing Aptos Network

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain created for safe development, and built with user experience as a core focus. The Aptos infrastructure and its Move programming language empower developers to build web3 applications that solve today’s consumer needs. Designed for smart contracts, the Move programming language empowers developers to create applications simply, securely, and swiftly.

Sushi x Aptos: “Move-ing” up to a limitless Cross-Chain D’EXperience!

The partnership between Sushi and Aptos introduces several exciting developments. Initially, Sushi is launching its v2 AMM on Aptos, with SushiXSwap rolled out next. This integration allows users to swap tokens across Aptos blockchain and more than 30 networks, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, Base and more This expansion facilitates seamless liquidity and token swapping across a diverse range of networks.

The collaboration with Aptos not only consolidates Sushi's position as a leader in the multi-chain and cross-chain space but also encourages exploration and interest in MovEVM within the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. This successful integration with Aptos strengthened Sushi's commitment to innovation and its dedication to bringing new updates and integrations to the community. The launch of Sushi on Aptos is a milestone in the platform's journey and a significant step forward in the evolution of the DeFi landscape.

Engaging with Sushi on Aptos

🌉 Bridge
Bridge your assets from Ethereum to Aptos by using the Aptos Bridge, powered by LayerZero .

🔄 Swap
Once your wallet is funded, experience swapping on Aptos via Sushi with 20+ tokens available 

💧 LP (Liquidity Provision)
You can provide liquidity to existing pools or create new ones. 

Check out the full tutorial here.

🎆 Get the "Aptos x Sushi 💣 Bomb Diggity💥 NFT"
To celebrate the Sushi x Aptos integration, we are dropping the “Aptos x Sushi Bomb Diggity NFT”, made with love by our “Multi-chain Sensei”, as part of the "Sushi Multi-Chain Feast" Campaign!

Every eligible participant who completes all the tasks will receive a limited edition NFT! Get the full collection of “The Sushi Multi-chain Feast” NFTs in the next few months for every chain we deploy on, and enjoy more surprises!

How to participate:

  • Follow Sushi on Twitter
  • Follow Aptos Network on Twitter
  • Like the announcement tweet
  • Retweet the announcement tweet
  • Swap at least $10 worth of any tokens on Aptos via Sushi
  • Add at least $10 worth of any pool on Aptos via Sushi

Join now on Galxe: Link

Tutorial: Learn how to bridge assets, Swap & LP on Aptos via Sushi:

Note: Please make sure to use the correct links and follow all instructions carefully to be eligible for the limited edition NFT and other surprises.

Important Links:

Exchange & SUSHIXSWAP | Docs | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Newsletter | Youtube | Tutorial | Github

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