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Sushi DAO Remains in Operation, with Sushi Labs to Drive Fast-to-Market Product Innovations

The DAO continues to play a crucial role in governance and decision-making.

Since the announcement of the introduction of Sushi Labs, we’ve noticed some confusion about recent changes at Sushi. Here’s the real story:

Sushi DAO continues to operate in a decentralized manner

First and foremost, the Sushi DAO is not being replaced or dissolved. The DAO continues to operate, playing a crucial role in governance and decision-making.

  • Sushi Protocol: Still permissionless. The protocol's services are entirely open for public use.
  • Sushi Bar Revenue Distribution: Revenue is still distributed to the bar. xSUSHI holders are entitled to share a portion of the platform's trading fees
  • Sushi Labs: Builds better products faster for users.

The Dynamics

The Sushi DAO has been instrumental in our journey so far. However, we need a more agile and focused entity with faster decision-making processes to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in the DeFi space. This is where Sushi Labs comes in. 

Sushi Labs is designed to complement Sushi DAO, drive faster, more efficient development, and help us stay ahead in the competitive DeFi landscape.

Summary of Sushi DAO and Sushi Labs

Read the Burū no Shinka proposal for details.

Maintaining Decentralization 

While Sushi Labs will drive innovation, the governance and decision-making processes will remain decentralized. The new governance structure includes councils that will ensure community involvement and transparency.

Drawing inspiration from leading DeFi projects, Sushi has adopted a council structure, empowering the community to manage resources effectively. The new structure includes four councils: Sushi High Kitchen, Treasury Council, Grants Council, and Ambassador Council; each focused on specific areas to ensure effective governance and strategic execution. Check out the full council proposal here.

AMA Session

Join us for an AMA session to discuss these strategic initiatives and answer your questions! The exact time will be announced soon.

By running Sushi DAO and Sushi Labs in parallel, we maintain our decentralized, community-driven ethos while accelerating our ability to innovate and grow.

Read more in Jared’s Memo and the full blog.

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