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Sushi Bonds is live

A sustainable liquidity solution piloting 5 multi-chain projects


A sustainable liquidity solution piloting 5 multi-chain projects

We are excited to announce that Sushi Bonds is now live! Sushi Bonds provides a sustainable liquidity solution by transforming bonds into Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional liquidity mining. It's designed to make decentralized finance (DeFi) more long-term and sustainable. Partnering with Bond Protocol, the pioneers of DeFi bonding, this collaboration aims to transition traditional liquidity mining to a more sustainable token emission and liquidity management model. 

Sushi Bonds will pilot 5 multi-chain projects, including Savvy DeFi, ICHI, Rodeo Finance, Splinterlands on Arbitrum and Neptune Mutual on Polygon.

DeFi Inventors Bonding for Bonds

The Sushi Bonds initiative results from a collaboration among several partners with various expertise.

Sushi will facilitate the sales through its extensive reach to LPs and traders with its platform UI and marketing effort. Bond Protocol manages the smart contract infrastructure, such as bond market deployment. Steer Protocol manages the liquidity obtained from bonders, channeling it into various Smart Pool strategies for optimization. Serious People, experienced in bond sourcing and analytics, serve as the overarching project consultants to curate the quality of projects. 

This collaborative approach not only brings together top expertise in the field but also serves a solid “DeFi Lego” use case, building on infrastructure and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome. In this case, the goal is to maximize the program's effectiveness and revolutionize liquidity mining for greater sustainability and efficiency.

Sushi Bonds: From Bonds to POL

Sushi Bonds represent an innovative approach in the cryptocurrency bond market, primarily distinguished by their 'From Bonds to Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)' model. Unique to Sushi, this model enables the accumulation of assets and control over liquidity in the process of acquiring liquidity, aka liquidity mining, as opposed to giving tokens away to rent temporary liquidity. This approach significantly boosts the projects' Return on Equity (ROE) compared to traditional liquidity mining.

Key differentiating features:

Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL):
Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), acquired via Sushi's bonding process, benefits everyone involved. Users first have to provide liquidity to a specific liquidity pool in order to receive LP tokens, which are then used to purchase bonds. This process effectively transfers ownership of the pool share to the token project selling the bonds. Consequently, this enables the project to continue earning trading fees and maintain control over its share of the liquidity pool. Additionally, if necessary, the project can also sell the LP tokens back to blue-chip assets for diversification. Hence, the liquidity is owned by the protocol and is no longer in the hands of the bond buyers.

Multi-chain Bonds:
Sushi Bonds proudly debuts on Arbitrum and Polygon. Sushi AMM is already operational on over 30 chains, Sushi Bonds is well-positioned for further expansion, paving the way for a wider future presence.

Automated Liquidity Management for v3 Pools:
As users have to provide liquidity to acquire LP tokens for bond purchases, all relevant pools are by default upgraded to Smart Pools, powered by Steer Protocol. Essentially, Smart Pools optimize yields for issuers by efficiently managing their v3 pools with Sushi, requiring minimal active management, primarily for gas fees. This ensures stable, active, and in-range liquidity, offering bonders secure and efficient market participation. It enhances value for both issuers and bonders with minimal hands-on management

Project Quality:
Projects must meet requirements including liquidity and proven track record to ensure legitimacy, with experienced Bonds consultant gatekeeping to include only quality projects.

Guided Customization :
Projects benefit from Serious People's expertise in setting up tailored bond programs, including custom discounts, vesting periods, and other features to suit each project's specific needs. Overseeing and ensuring the accuracy of these setups helps avoid potential issues, leading to improved success and integrity of the bond programs.

In conclusion, Sushi Bonds offers an attractive opportunity for users to acquire tokens at a discount, drawing long-term holders, and supports token projects with a diverse treasury model, surpassing traditional liquidity mining methods.

Sushi Bonds Pilot Program

The Sushi Bonds lineup includes 5 carefully selected projects with markets rolling out gradually in the next few days.

  1. Savvy DeFi: A synthetic credit protocol that enables you to access non-liquidating, auto-repaying lines of credit.
  2. Neptune Mutual:.Neptune Mutual’s cover marketplace allows projects to create parametric cover pools to protect their users' digital assets from security & custody risks and to generate stablecoin revenue for cover pool LPs.
  3. Rodeo Finance: A pioneering DeFi protocol on Arbitrum, specializes in maximizing yield through a blend of managed and passive investment.
  4. ICHI: Profitable liquidity provision powering sustainable on-chain returns and deep liquidity
  5. Splinterlands: Splinterlands provides a platform for card lovers to play, trade and earn in-game rewards.

The Pilot Bond Program operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ready to participate? Explore Sushi Bonds now!

For any questions or additional information, check out the FAQ and Tutorial, or free to reach out on Discord or Twitter.

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