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Announcement on SAK3 NFT Redemptions

Sak3 team has secured the services of Ēnosys and their Ermis protocol


Following up on the SAK3 project, we're excited to share an update with our community.

We wish to inform SAK3 NFT holders about the recent developments pertaining to the SAK3 NFT series, comprising 888 unique pieces curated by artist Jonathan Jay Lee. Of which, each NFT from this series can be exchanged for the exclusive Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Nama Genshu Kimoto Shizuku Sake. 

To streamline the redemption process, we are pleased to announce the Sak3 team has secured the services of Ēnosys and their Ermis protocol. Ermis (https://ermis.enosys.global/) is a leading, fully on-chain, end-to-end encrypted NFT redemption system, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for users wishing to exchange their NFTs for their tangible counterparts. 

The specific date for redemption will be announced when the process begins. Redemption will be available at: https://ermis.enosys.global/

Effective from now, all SAK3 redemption services will be overseen by Enosys in coordination with the SAK3 management team. This collaboration aims to let SAK3 NFT owners seamlessly have their Sake bottles dispatched to their chosen addresses utilizing decentralized, encryption & on-chain privacy technology. 

Please note that the Sushi team will no longer be associated with the SAK3 project in terms of technology, redemption, operational support, or advisory capacities. For any inquiries or support regarding SAK3 redemptions, please reach out directly to the Sak3 and Enosys teams directly:

These teams are solely responsible for managing all redemptions and are the primary contacts for any assistance you may require. We trust this collaboration will provide a flawless experience for all NFT owners wishing to redeem their physical bottles of Sake.

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