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Sushi RouteProcessor2 Claim Portal Is Live!

Claim your funds if you were affected by the RouteProcessor2 exploit!



Please read the below instructions on how to claim your tokens if you have been affected by the RouteProcessor2 exploit.
If you'd like more context on what this is about please read our Post Mortem.

The first batch: User Group 1 - Funds Rescued

Note: the following claim portal only works for users with tokens that ended up in the 0x74ebb8e8d0b0cc65f06040eb0f77b5da0e33ffee rescue contract!

🌐 You can now claim your lost tokens here: sushi.com/claims/rp2

ℹ️ N.B: For all future users who have their tokens recovered AFTER the opening of the claim portal, we will update the contract periodically to include these tokens as well. Given the probability of further token recoveries, the claim process will continue to run on an ongoing basis.

For users in: User group 2 - Funds Not Rescued

For users with tokens that did not end up in the 0x74ebb8e8d0b0cc65f06040eb0f77b5da0e33ffee rescue contract. Sushi has set-up a separate claim process for this, where the claims have to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We have opened a Google Form, which affected users in this group should complete with all the necessary information HERE

💡 The first batch of users have already been reviewed, and we'll drop the tokens for this group into their wallets directly. This will happen very soon, kindly await an official notification regarding the completion of this process!

⚠️ Last but not least, please take note of the following security tips:

  • Stay safe, DO NOT click on any other links you see online about the claim portal, ONLY click the link that's communicated on Sushi official channels.

  • All official communication occurs through Sushi Twitter and Sushi Discord ONLY.

  • Do not click on any links that people DM you. The only links you should follow are from Sushi Twitter and Sushi Discord.

  • Sushi team members will never DM you about refunds. If someone does, it's likely a scam.

  • Sushi is not conducting any airdrops at the moment. If someone DMs you about it, it is NOT from Sushi.

💬 Still have questions?

Hit us up on Discord or on Twitter.

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