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Introducing Sushi Labs

Sushi's New Chapter for Continued Innovation and Growth

Sushi's New Chapter for Continued Innovation and Growth

We are excited to introduce Sushi Labs - Sushi’s new chapter for continued innovation and growth. Operating alongside the Sushi DAO, this introduction aims to enhance our capabilities to drive forward faster, more efficient product development.

This announcement, shared by Jared Grey, the former Head Chef and now Managing Director of Sushi Labs, in a community memo, follows the successful implementation of the Burū no Shinka proposal. This proposal establishes Sushi Labs and a multi-token ecosystem designed to enhance Sushi’s offerings and operations significantly.

A Transformative Journey

Over the past few months, Sushi has navigated an exhilarating and challenging period. The Sushi DAO and operations team have worked tirelessly to restructure and streamline operations, ensuring a focus on building value for stakeholders. The recent Burū no Shinka proposal’s implementation has been pivotal in establishing Sushi Labs and its roadmap.

Sushi Labs Roadmap

Sushi Labs will spearhead new product development, execute Sushi’s ecosystem strategy, and explore solutions to enhance Sushi’s offerings. Key projects under Sushi Labs include:

  • Route Processor: The Route Processor is Sushi’s swap and aggregation engine, a crucial component for providing users with the best possible swaps by accessing liquidity across various sources. Version 5, currently in audit, promises to enhance its market utility and value further, reinforcing Sushi’s position in the DeFi landscape.
  • Multi-Token Product Suite: Sushi Labs aims to mitigate the risks associated with multi-product development by introducing a multi-token strategy. This approach will distribute product costs, provide maximum rewards, and tap into high-growth verticals.
  • Susa (ETH-based Perps DEX): the first fully on-chain order book ETH-based perpetuals DEX powered by Layer N will offer a centralized exchange. Susa’s fully on-chain status provides the benefits of decentralization, including transparency and security, and aims to attract users looking for advanced perps trading within the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Franchised/Native DEXs: To enhance market presence and liquidity, Sushi Labs is developing franchised or native DEXs tailored to specific blockchain ecosystems. Examples include:
      • Wara (Solana): A DEX leveraging Solana's fast and scalable blockchain infrastructure to provide a seamless trading experience.
      • Saru (ApeChain): A DEX, in partnership with ApeChain, aimed to expand into high-growth markets and attract a broader user base.
  • Sushi Network/Appchain: Sushi Labs is exploring the potential launch of a dedicated Sushi network or appchain. This initiative aims to support a comprehensive array of DeFi products, offering enhanced scalability and customization and the potential to increase the ecosystem’s product cohesiveness.

Sushi DEX will remain the core decentralized exchange platform, focusing on providing liquidity and trading services. It will benefit from the innovations and products developed by Sushi Labs, which will enhance its functionality and user experience.

Empowering Governance and Community

Drawing inspiration from leading DeFi projects, Sushi has adopted a council structure, empowering the community to manage resources effectively. The new structure includes four councils: Sushi High Kitchen, Treasury Council, Grants Council, and Ambassador Council; each focused on specific areas to ensure effective governance and strategic execution. Check out the full proposal.

Innovative Multi-Token Ecosystem

Sushi Labs will spearhead the development of a multi-token product suite, franchised DEXs, and projects like Susa, the first fully on-chain ETH-based perps DEX powered by Layer N. This strategy aims to mitigate risks, enhance liquidity, and drive growth in high-value verticals.

Commitment to Transparency and Growth

Sushi is committed to financial transparency, providing quarterly disclosures to the DAO. The multi-token ecosystem, supported by the recent grant, will drive product development and yield significant benefits for Sushi stakers.

What's Next

Sushi will host an AMA session soon to discuss strategic initiatives and answer all the possible inquiries from the Sushi community. Stay tuned for the AMA date for more insights and community Q&A!

Important Links:

Jared's Memo: https://jared-grey.medium.com/a-sushi-community-memo-introducing-sushi-labs-0df8700ff9c6

Sushi - Burū no Shinka Proposal - https://mirror.xyz/%F0%9F%8D%A3%F0%9F%91%A8%E2%80%8D%F0%9F%8D%B3.eth/7lW1niphhpmwURtR2Q7vI6955UhO1Bdv7R2EnwOqDbA?ref=ghost.sushi.com

Council Proposal -

About Sushi Labs
Sushi Labs is Sushi's innovation and development partner. Sushi Labs spearheads new product development, executes the broader Sushi ecosystem strategy, explores solutions to enhance Sushi’s offerings, and leads the development of native DEXs on select networks.

About Sushi
Sushi is a leading multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed over 30 blockchains. It offers a unique cross-chain swap feature, SushiXSwap, enabling seamless swaps across 14 chains. With Sushi, you can swap, provide liquidity, and access advanced trading and DeFi solutions for the ultimate DEXperience.

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