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As the number of DAO contributors keeps growing we continuously see additional challenges arising for DAOs to actually get new contributors to: join their ecosystem, reward them for their work and retain the contributors by aligning them to the DAO's long-term vision. While legacy companies manage salary payments and equity rewards based on legal contracts, decentralized (anonymous) DAOs use smart contracts instead. Basing a payments streaming platform on smart contracts allows us to automate DAO contributor payments, while benefiting from the transparency and composability of the crypto ecosystem.

Today we are releasing Furo - a decentralized payments streaming platform that allows any DAO to automate their contributor payments, and their token vesting schedule. Furo is open source and built in a modular way, to allow anyone to modify the DApp to plug into their existing DAO tooling. Furo integrates with the Sushi product suite - starting with Bentobox and our token launch platform MISO - allowing anyone to launch a new token community and fund it with liquidity to reward contributors.

💡 Here is what you can do with Furo

🤖 Automated DAO payments and vesting:

Payment streams: Furo lets you set up payment and salary streams for contributors. DAOs usually pay their members on a pro-rata basis over a fixed time period, which is a recurring admin heavy task for many DAOs. Furo aims to free DAOs from these processes, by automating them using smart contracts that distribute funds linearly over a set period of time, while giving admins full control over updating the streams.

Token vesting: To align contributors around shared goals, DAOs usually issue vested tokens to their contributors - similar to startup options in the legacy startup world. In the old fashioned way, DAOs have to recreate and redeploy their own vesting contracts. Furo saves you time on contract deployment, while additionally providing you an intuitive and easy to use UI to see the vesting schedule and progress.

Furo showcase
Furo showcase

Integrations and ease of use: Furo minimizes admin work by integrating with your existing DAO or DeFi tooling - E.g. Auto-swap tokens when claiming salaries. The DApp also allows users to create different types of streams, for example: a stream which cannot be canceled or a stream with vested tokens.

MISO integration: Furo is also complementary to our other products like our MISO launchpad, where projects can lock their salaries or create vesting for their team. This brings more transparency around the project's treasury and hence a smoother auction.

NFT token for maximum composability: Furo tokenizes each stream receiver’s position as a NFT. This allows our users to utilize their future payments in lending and borrowing money market protocols, to e.g. borrow stablecoins against their stream.

Furo NFT Opensea.png
Furo NFT Opensea

Multichain: Furo will also be Multichain, like all sushi products, catering to users across all EVM compatible chains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon and Avalanche.

Bento TVL boost: Every stream deposited into Furo boosts TVL for Bentobox, providing more capital for deployed strategies. This will enrich the Bentobox ecosystem and ultimately benefit the Sushi ecosystem.

Passive income: All Furo sub-products are built upon Bentobox (vaults). All of the capital stored in Furo will be automatically earning yield for your users. Providing much more capital efficiency than competitors.

Sushi ecosystem: Furo is fully open source and integrated into the Sushi ecosystem.

Use Furo at!

👩‍💻 Develop with Furo

Furo is fully customizable. It can be tailored to any DAOs or user’s needs, with support from Sushi core engineers. Read more about developing on top of Furo in our documentation at

Furo is currently deployed on the following blockchains:

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • BSC
  • Ethereum 1.0 aka Execution Layer
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis
  • Goerli
  • Harmony
  • Moonbeam
  • Moonriver
  • Optimism
  • Polygon

📱 How to use Furo

Here are two examples on how to use Furo:

User Bob has 2m USDC he wants to convert to TOKEN, the problem he is facing is that on almost all Dexes there's a lot of slippage. Aside from slippage he also can't find any exchange where he can connect his XYZ wallet with. Furo solves these problems by automating your token trades: "Furo lets me take my salary out anytime and e.g. invest it in Kashi (lending and borrowing market)". It also works with more complex strategies like: taking my salary out every 30 days, and putting it as collateral on Abra, taking a loan against it, and adding those assets to Kashi.

📝 How does Furo compare?

Compared to similar onchain streaming services, Furo is both optimizing the code base and providing a more advanced feature set. Furo is made to be composable, by tokenizing each streaming channel as a NFT. This NFT token allows Furo users to utilize NFT lending and borrowing markets to further automate their streaming processes.

Here is how Furo compares to similar services:

Furo Comparison

If you have any additional questions or would like to chat with the team on how your DAO can integrate Furo - feel free to hop on to our Discord and drop us a message!

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