How Do I Vote On A Snapshot?

Learn how to vote for a snapshot


If you hold xSushi or any of the other forms of SushiPowah, you will be eligible to vote on any proposal submitted.

All proposals are listed on the Snapshot website

The Voting Process

First off, select the proposal you wish to weigh your vote on and connect your wallet. If you have voting power (SushiPowah), you will be able to cast a vote.


You will be prompted to sign a transaction via your wallet, but it will not cost you any gas fees at all. Once you’re done, you should see your vote accounted for at the top of the list.


Delegating Your Votes

If you are unsure on what to vote for and wish to delegate your vote to another party, you can do so directly via or read more about vote delegation in our article [here](link to vote delegation article).

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