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How To Provide Liquidity For $DPX On Sushi?

Learn more about add $DPX to Sushi as a Liquidity Provider (LP)


Become a crypto chef with SushiSwap! Sushi is one of the most used and reliable decentralized exchanges, deployed across 10+ blockchains and supporting thousands of tokens. You can trade, earn, stack yields and safely move assets across chains, all on one decentralized, community-driven platform. Welcome to the home of DeFi: Sushi

💡 Before you can provide liquidity you'll need to have the $DPX token in your wallet. Follow these steps if you want to learn more about buying your $DPX tokens.

🍣 What does providing liquidity mean?

Liquidity Providers (LPers) provide pool liquidity on the Sushi Exchange to improve $DPX market efficiency and earn trading fees. Liquidity providers receive a portion of trading fees corresponding to their “pool share”.

💰 How to add $DPX to Sushi as a Liquidity Provider (LP)

  1. Connect your wallet (MetaMask in this example) to Sushi and head over to "Earn" in the menu bar. Select Arbitrum in the “Networks” button and enter in the “filter tokens” search bar.
    DPX - 1 (2).gif
  2. Point your cursor over the relevant pool and click on deposit, this will lead you to the “Add Liquidity” page.
    DPX - 2 (2).gif
  3. Input the $DPX and ETH token amount you would like to add to the liquidity pool. Note: Both tokens will automatically represent a 50/50 balance, make sure you have enough tokens of each in your wallet. Approve both the $DPX and $ETH token (if you haven't already) and confirm ‘Add Liquidity’.
    DPX - 3 (1).gif
  4. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see your liquidity position on the right side of the app.
    DPX - 4.gif
  5. Now onto Yield Farming, click on “Stake Liquidity” and select the amount of SLP you want to receive incentives on. You will be asked to approve the SLP if you haven’t already, see the instructions below.
    DPX - 5.gif
  6. To view your pool position at any time, head over to the menubar, click on "Earn" and go to “My Positions”. You'll find an overview of and are able to manage all your LP positions
    DPX - 6.gif
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully staked your tokens as a "Liquidity Provider" in Sushi. This means when people make a trade you will be eligible for part of the 0.25% trade reward.

More about DOPEX

The Dopex Knowledge Base

Roadmap 2023

  • Completed
  1. stETH SSOV
  2. Option Liquidity Pools for all SSOVs
  3. Atlantic Insured GMX Perps
  4. MATIC Straddles
  6. rDPX/DPX Listing on Bitget, Bybit, Kucoin
  • In Progress
  1. RDPX V2 testing
  2. Option Scalps



  • Max Supply: 500,000
  • Circulating Supply: 246,507
  • DPX is the governance token of Dopex that has more utility to it than your vanilla governance tokens. Aside from granting users voting rights when governance is turned on, it also collects revenue and fees from Dopex products to be redistributed to holders, and provides discounts on fees in the Dopex platform as well as some partner protocols.


  • Max Supply: Uncapped
  • Circulating Supply: 1,353,102
  • rDPX is a rebate token that was previously given to option writers who experience losses. However, it is undergoing a revamp to rDPX V2, which will make it the backbone for synthetics on the Dopex platform.

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