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Introducing The Sushi DEX Aggregator (Updated on 14 July)

Swap to get best prices on Sushi!


Welcome to the home of DeFi: Sushi


  • The Sushi DEX Aggregator is live!
  • Sushi users will get optimum pricing while also exposed to a large range of assets that were not appeared in the UI before for trading
  • Some prices are the best on Sushi by using the Sushi DEX Aggregator.
  • Never miss out on best prices so be sure to check prices on Sushi along with other DEX aggregators before you swap!


The Sushi DEX Aggregator is live now! As part of the bigger vision for Sushi in 2023, as laid out by our Head Chef, Jared Grey, in his article, the Sushi DEX aggregator is a vital infrastructure for our vision of 2023 and our plan to become the hub of swaps in DeFi.

Why the Sushi DEX Aggregator?

DEX aggregators unify liquidity across various exchanges on a given chain by using complex algorithms to find the best possible (read: cheapest) routes for users' swaps. The Sushi DEX aggregator serves as a universal router, handling the load of different inputs, improving existing infrastructure, and maximizing benefits for our users.

Discover Best Prices

The number one reason to use a DEX aggregator : they save you money! ! Similar to other DEX aggregators, the Sushi DEX aggregator is connected to multiple decentralized exchanges and liquidity sources. Our multi-chain strategy allows us to provide competitive prices across chains and our sophisticated routing algorithm is designed to intelligently navigate the different liquidity pools, exchanges and most importantly, routes to execute your trades at the optimal prices.

More Tokens Available for Swap

The implementation of the Sushi DEX aggregator allows exposure to tokens that were previously unavailable on the Sushi UI. When a token is not available, trades are routed to other DEXs, expanding the range of tradable tokens. By offering a wider selection of assets, the aggregator attracts more users to the platform, generating more swap fees for liquidity providers (LPs) and attracting additional liquidity in a positive feedback loop.

Multichain with Cross-Chain Swap

The Sushi DEX aggregator is not limited to Ethereum; it is multichain and support cross-chain swaps, i.e. SushiXSwap. This means that you can trade and swap tokens across different chains, not just within the Ethereum ecosystem,resulting in increased flexibility and convenience for trading.

Built-in DEX Aggregator: No Extra Steps Needed

Lastly, the DEX aggregator is already built into the Swap UI, allowing users to swap as usual without any additional steps, as the routing has already been optimized.

Our goal is to deliver optimal pricing to users while expanding the range of assets they can trade and the liquidity providers can offer. This increase in swap fees benefits liquidity providers (LPs) and attracts more liquidity to Sushi. Hence, the Sushi DEX Aggregator doesn't just benefit traders; it's just as exciting to be an LP on Sushi!

Check out the Sushi DEX Aggregator

Unlike other aggregators, the aggregation router is already built into the Swap UI. Hence, users can perform a swap as usual to get some of the best prices without doing any extra steps. See more below:

  1. Let's kick things off with a SUSHI swap. Click “View” next to Route.
  1. See the optimized route. It’s a ETH->WETH->SUSHI through Sushiswap V3 route here.
  1. Compare price with other aggregators. In this case, you could receive roughly 20 more SUSHI (2765-2744) when compared to other aggregators!

The Bake Off

Now, let’s try swapping some of the most often swapped tokens other than SUSHI:

First, we've got DAI

A competitive price before fees, landing us in second place with a total of $1940.016 after fees.

Est. received $1945.08 - Network fee $5.064
= $1940.016

Next, we got USDC

We're even more competitive after fees, with a final tally of 1941.758 (initial price: 1945.2 - 3.442).

Our Recommendation

As demonstrated above, the Sushi DEX Aggregator can provide some of the best prices in the market.

If you are already swapping on Sushi, congratulations! Prices vary and often depend on many factors such as the number of liquidity sources, pool depth, and routing algorithm. We encourage you to check Sushi prices to never miss out on some of the best prices, especially considering that Sushi is not yet integrated with DeFiLlama!

Looking Ahead

Our vision at Sushi is to become the true hub for swaps: a one-stop shop where users and LPs alike can make the cheapest swaps and accrue the maximum fees, respectively. To satisfy our ambitious vision, we need to support tokens listed across all exchanges to attract LPs and deepen our liquidity for each pair. Currently, we are aggregating among Uniswap and looking to expand the coverage more to other DEXs like Curve, Balancer, etc., in order to increase access to liquidity and potentially link directly with market maker flows.

As always, if you have any further questions or comments concerning the aggregator, we would love to hear them on either Discord or on Twitter.

Happy swapping on Sushi!

Sushi is building a decentralized, comprehensive DeFi ecosystem complete with AMM, cross-chain capabilities, automated DAO payment stream and more. Follow our socials to keep up with our product launches and find out more on how you can make the most of your cryptocurrency assets with Sushi’s secure and powerful DeFi tools!

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