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Introducing Sushi API Upgrade with Scalable Infrastructure & RP4 Integration

Expanding Routing Capabilities with Additional Pools Support


Expanding Routing Capabilities with Additional Pools Support

We're excited to launch a comprehensive upgrade to the Sushi Swap API, incorporating a scalable infrastructure, the introduction of Route Processor 4 (RP4), and expanded external API capabilities. This upgrade marks a significant enhancement in our DEX technology, aiming to optimize the swapping experience with a focus on scalability, depth of liquidity, and routing efficiency.

What's New with the Sushi Swap API Upgrade?

The Sushi Swap API upgrade is a holistic enhancement of our platform's core functionalities. It's designed to provide a robust framework that supports the growing demands of the DeFi ecosystem, ensuring that Sushi remains at the forefront of decentralized exchange technologies.

Key Components of the Upgrade:

Scalable Infrastructure: We've made significant enhancements to our infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the Sushi platform. Specifically, we've increased the capacity of the Extractor, significantly improving frontend loading speeds. This enhancement ensures faster quote fetching, providing users with the most current price quotes for a seamless trading experience. Additionally, we've expanded routing requests for our Route Processor, optimizing the handling of trades across our DEX and Bridge Aggregators. These upgrades are strategically designed to accommodate the rapid growth of the DeFi space, ensuring that Sushi can manage an increased volume of transactions without sacrificing performance or security.

Route Processor 4 (RP4) Integration: RP4, as a subset of the Sushi Swap API, brings forth advanced routing capabilities, integrating additional liquidity pools from Curve, Algebra, Quickswap, Pancake, and Camelot, on top of the existing Sushi v2, v3, Uniswap v2, v3 and TraderJoe’s v1. This expansion broadens the asset variety accessible via the Sushi UI across multiple chains.

Enhanced Liquidity and Swap Rates: The inclusion of RP4 within our API upgrade means users benefit from optimized liquidity and competitive swap rates. Our dynamic routing technology automatically selects the most efficient paths for token swaps, ensuring cost-effective transactions.

Security Audited by Cantina: RP4's audited by Cantina, enhancing trust in its infrastructure and transaction safety.

What’s Next?

The Sushi Swap API upgrade marks just the beginning. We are working to open up our Swap API for external partners' usage. Our vision includes continuously incorporating more DEXs from various chains, further expanding our reach and capabilities. This strategic enhancement is in line with our mission to offer competitive pricing, uphold our commitment to the public good, and provide a broad, versatile trading platform. By realizing the "DeFi Lego" analogy, we aim to harness the best features of each protocol, thereby enriching the DeFi ecosystem for everyone.

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