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Sushi Facts: The Health Advantages of Eating Raw Fish

Do you know the reasons why sushi is good for you? This article will introduce to you some of the many health benefits of eating sushi with raw fish.

The word “sushi” is often associated with raw fish by most people. It is basically true although there are also other sushi recipes that do not involve raw fish. There are numerous reasons why so many people have sushi as one of their favorite delicacies. It is not just a food; but it is like having a piece of Japan’s cherished culture without having to fly over there. Moreover, the raw fish in sushi also has tons of health benefits. In this article, you will be able to brush up on the benefits of eating sushi particularly its raw fish.

Benefits of Eating Raw Fish

  1. Heart health – One of the main reasons why sushi is popular is because of the benefits it can give to our hearts. Raw fish is rich in omega 3 fats which give numerous health benefits especially to the heart. It is believed to lower bad cholesterol in the body, therefore reducing the risk of hypertension and stroke, and improves the cardiovascular system.
  2. Rich in protein – Uncooked fish allows the protein to live in its flesh. If fish meat is being cooked, there is great tendency for the heat to eliminate the protein which is very essential for the body. Raw fish is great for those that do workout and body building. It is also low in saturated fat. Thus, if you are trying to lose weight, eating sushi will never be a problem.
  3. Packed with vitamins and minerals – One of the pros of eating sushi is that you are taking tons of vitamins and minerals in a single meal. Vitamin D and calcium are two of the many vitamins and minerals you can get from eating sushi.

Health Risks

There are a handful of reasons why sushi is good for you and why is it amazing. However, there are also a few drawbacks that need to be taken seriously. According to the US FDA, uncooked seafood has a high risk to cause food-borne illnesses. Raw fish meat is also prone to parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms which may cause the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Food poisoning

If you experience one of these symptoms, it is advised to seek medical help right away.

Few Tips

When you are eating out, it’s quite hard to tell which sushi rolls are healthy and safe and which ones are not. Here are a few tips for a safe and worry free sushi meal:

  1. According to an article “Eating Raw Fish: Decoding Its Benefits, Risks and More,” it would be safe to eat raw fish so long as it has undergone freezing process for at least 2-7 days to neutralize parasites and bacteria.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women, elderly people, and young children should avoid eating raw fish. They can opt for other healthy sushi recipes such as vegetarian or sushi with cooked fish or meat.
  3. When eating out, make sure to check the cleanliness of the sushi restaurant. It is better to make sure that the business is approved by a local food safety regulation board.

Bottom Line

There you have it! Those are some of the reasons why sushi is amazing and why you should try it. Just keep in mind all the possible risks and the ways to evade them. As a consumer, it is your right to know what sushi is healthy and safe for you to eat and what is not recommended for your health.

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