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Restaurant Partner Registration Information

What does it cost to signup my restaurant?:

It is free to list your restaurant and menus on Sushi.com, we handle the transaction right on sushi.com from the mini webpage that you get once enrolled, for free!  There are no charges at all when customers place orders through our service. We handle the processing of the order, the customer service, etc and send it to you automatically via email, text, or fax, all of the communication charges are also taken care of by us. You are paid within 14 days by us on each transaction, so we won't be bugging you for payments.  Unlike other portals, there is no 30 day wait for your cut!  If you already have a website, feel free to link your order page to your profile on Sushi.com and let the all the transactions happen right here, you've got enough to worry about, we'll increase your sales and send new clients your way and give established clients a great worry free page to order from and you'll be notified instantly when orders come in!  Why not expand your reach from other 3rd party food ordering portals?  Did you know you may actually be losing a pile of potential customers by only being listed on these other sites?!  The reason is simple, they distracted from ordering sushi and go for other advertised cuisines instead because of all of the heavy advertising around other food types, the customer gets side tracked and you potentially lose the sale!

We take a only a small flat commission on each order we process for you which includes all merchant processing fees that WE pay, transaction fees, phone, fax and sms fees as well as our call answer service costs, extensive advertising costs we do and marketing costs etc.  Our share is very small compared to other 3rd party order sites and includes all merchant fees, other sites are charging, 15% to 20% plus merchant fees! We handle all email customer service inquiries, so you can grow your business and focus on what you do best which is making and serving great Sushi and other Japanese food!  

Click here to enroll as a restaurant partner now with Sushi.com and start drumming up more business!  We advertise heavily via organic search rankings, direct traffic type ins, social media and other display advertising including landbased billboards!  We also offer reservation table booking and walk in ordering to make it all as convenient as possible for your customers.  It is optional you do not have to accept reservations via our system or walk in ordering but many customers love the option of being able to do either!

Sign up today for free with Sushi.com and start bringing in many more orders for delivery and takeout at no cost to you!  

What if I want my restaurant to be featured?

Become A Featured Restaurant and Get All Of This!:

More exposure than regular listings, better click throughs, and higher conversions are just a few reasons why!

  • Featured restaurants will be appear above regular listings in general search and will also be featured as a search option in advanced search for the customer.

  • Featured restaurants will appear in the footer category page "Featured Coupons" and regular listings won't.

  • Featured restaurants will show a coupon button in their regular profile view. Regular listings won't show coupons unless clicked on.

  • Featured restaurants once signed up will get mentioned to our large twitter follower base and fb base!  This is great viral exposure!

Cancel at anytime and apply at anytime! The cost is just $49.99 per month!  (During signup you will have the option sign up as a featured restaurant or think about it and enroll from your back end at anytime.)  Enroll your restaurant  for free NOW with Sushi.com in less than 1 minute and start bringing in more delivery and takeout orders!