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How to Make Sushi Pleasing and Delicious for Kids to Eat

Sushi can also be a kid-friendly food. Discover ways on how to make your sushi more appealing and delicious for your little ones! Enjoy reading!

Sushi is not something you would think as a child-friendly food, but you can actually prepare sushi that kids will love. Sushi can be pleasing to the eyes of your little ones! Of course, you don't want them to get allergies because of raw fish, but you can still allow them to enjoy eating sushi.

Why Sushi Makes a Perfect Food for Kids

Sushi can easily be eaten by your children. It is perfect for snacks or lunch since they can use their fingers to eat it. You can fill it with an endless variety of sushi kid-friendly ingredients, so it is definitely a winner for you and your kids!

Another advantage is that it is a great use of the previous dinner’s leftovers, and preparing it only requires additional ingredients and minimal tools. It is relatively easy to roll up without requiring an oven or stove.

Kid-friendly Sushi Recipe You Can Try at Home

Here is a healthy, quick, easy, and kid-friendly sushi roll recipe for your kids to enjoy. It will actually make them ask you when will be the next time that you will eat sushi again.

Ingredients You Need to Prepare:

  • Fried Eggs (in little oil)
  • Edamame Sushi Roll
  • Sesame Seed
  • Nori sheets
  • 4 cups cooked Japanese rice
  • 2 tablespoons Sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Japanese rice vinegar
  • Sesame seaweed salt
  • Defrosted and shelled edamame as substitute peas
  • Sushi rolling mat


1. Cook the rice using either a rice cooker or stove top. Remember that two cups of uncooked rice can yield about four cups of well-cooked rice.

2. Mix sugar and vinegar into a bowl. Put it in a microwave until the sugar has dissolved completely. Add it to the warm rice mixture.

3. Fry the eggs into a large omelet with little oil, and season it with salt.

4. Wrap the sushi mat in a plastic wrap to prevent the seaweed from sticking. Line it with a single sheet of Nori.

5. You can now spread the rice over the Nori to help the damp hands in spreading the rice, thus preventing it from sticking. After which, you can add the strips of eggs and then sprinkle with sesame/salt/seaweed mixture and edamame.

6. Roll the mat slowly and gently roll while pressing down firmly.

7. Use a sharp knife to cut the roll in a half, and then each half into halves. By this time, you should have 8 pieces of sushi per roll.

Filling the Homemade Sushi With Kid-Friendly Ingredients

Once you have gathered all the basic ingredients (Sushi rice, nori, and mat), making sushi becomes easier and fun. You can fill your homemade sushi with interesting sushi ingredients children love such as the following:

  • Ham, peas, and eggs
  • Ham and cucumbers
  • Turkey and avocado
  • Bell peppers
  • Cooked fish
  • Smoked salmon

You can make some creative plating designs for your sushi such as a cute face or a mini garden, and garnish it with fruits and vegetables around such as pineapple and mangoes. It is also a good idea to make a smoothie paired with the healthy sushi recipe you just made. Kids will surely love it!

Your kids will surely love eating your homemade sushi. Sushi is a nice break from all the types of sandwiches and burgers they have for snacks or lunch! Now you can make sushi with sushi ingredients children love!

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