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Sushi.com | Sushi delivery - How It Works!

Sushi.com is a brand new, FIRST EVER way to order Sushi and other Japanese cuisine online from local Sushi / Japanese restaurants.  You can make a reservation, do a walk in sit down and pre-pay order when no reservations are needed, have it delivered right to your table and be notified by text! You can also choose takeout and delivery of course.

Sushi.com wants to change how people find great sushi restaurants, order from them, and eat great Japanese food.  In the restaurant or from the comforts of home. We want this whole process to be the most convenient it can be for both the customer and the restaurant.  Want to go out?  We can help with that, too.  Just use sushi.com to make reservations or order from your favorite Japanese restaurant or discover a new one. 

We take the hard work out of searching for the best local sushi restaurants that offer delivery, takeout, reservations and pre-ordering and give you the incredible convenience of ordering online right from Sushi.com, completely free of charge!  You can order your favorite Japanese food and beverages at the click of a button using your pc, mac, tablet, smart phone or any other mobile device. You don't have to speak to anyone if you so desire!  Stay tuned our mobile apps are coming soon as well!

Whether you want to try some place new or enjoy an old favorite, you shall find what you're looking for here. Get your sushi delivered right to your door or pick it up directly from the restaurant after you place your order, make a reservation and prepay it before you arrive or after you dine!  Maybe you have no reservation and you just want to walk in, you're in a rush and just want to eat, we've got you covered, simply use your mobile devise to order and have it delivered right to your table via sms!
Everyone needs good sushi from a great sushi restaurant that offers delivery, takeout, reservations or walk in sit down order from your smart phone dining.  At Sushi.com, we provide an easy and fast way to satisfy the hunger of die hard sushi lovers and new sushi lovers!

We're set up to be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  You find the Japanese restaurant you want to order from, pick your meal, click and add the items to your cart that you want to order, checkout, sit back, relax, and wait for the arrival.  Can't wait? Simply go on over and pick it up when it's ready!  Making the most of your time in this oh so busy world is what we're all about!

Now you can have fast, easy, and FREE access to Japanese food, sushi delivery or takeout via online ordering from an array of local sushi restaurants in your area!  What could be better?  Sushi.com allows you to make reservations as well which you can pre-order and prepay!  We are also the first ever to have a walk in dining feature as mentioned above!  What is this? You can walk in to the restaurant, sit down, view the menu from sushi.com, pre-pay it, have it delivered right to your table via text notification and walk out when you are done!

MENUS! MENUS! MENUS!  Online sushi menus that allow you to customize the Japanese dish you wish to order.

Quality reviews and ratings from sushi eaters just like you.  Find out what's great and what's not so great, sushi spotting as well, share your sushi experiences with pictures on Sushi.com.

Sushi restaurant deals and free coupons at your finger tips!  No need to search anymore daily deal sites!

Complete variety of different sushi restaurant menus to choose from.

New to the area? Business professional with little time? Are you a student going to school? Whatever the reason, Sushi.com will make sure you find what you want by making online Sushi / Japanese Food delivery, reservations, takeout and walk in dining simple.  The way it should be!