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Using Sushi.com is so easy!  Once you register with us, you'll have access to many sushi restaurants that offer reservations, no reservation dine in ordering, delivery to your area or takeout, or simply checkout as a guest and don't register at all. It's free whether you sign up or not!  But what's Sushi.com all about anyhow?
Sushi.com takes local online sushi ordering to a whole new level by giving sushi restaurants a place to display and accept orders online while also giving customers a quicker and easier way to satisfy their empty stomachs. Even better, you can use sushi.com to make reservations, order ahead, and even pre-pay for your meal!
Customers and customer satisfaction is essential to any business, ESPECIALLY to the niche restaurant industry.  Without sushi loving customers, there is no sushi restaurant, and without the sushi restaurant, there are a whole lot of hungry sushi lovers craving sushi!
We created Sushi.com to prevent all of that by offering an easy to use experience where the customer can quickly find a local sushi restaurant, order sushi, sashimi and other Japanese food online and have it picked up, delivered or dine in with a reservation or without!  It's as easy as it could possibly get to use Sushi.com and totally free!
Your time is so valuable, so why would you want to spend it going to a local busy sushi restaurant, picking up a menu, waiting for your order and then being rushed to get out as soon as you're done?  With Sushi.com, you order what you want when you want it, PERIOD! It's all done easily from the convenience of the Sushi.com website on your pc, mac, or mobile device. We also have mobile apps coming out soon for Android or IOS!
HUNGRY.SEARCH.EAT - THAT's our motto at Sushi.com and that's what Sushi.com will do when helping it's members search for online sushi ordering, making reservations, dining in where no reservations are needed and preordering or takeout or delivery!  Use your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or cash on delivery and get instant notification via email once your order is processed!
Sushi Restaurants and Sushi.com
Start accepting online ordering, reservations, walk in orders, delivery or takeout as soon as you sign up. It's totally free to list your menus and process more orders!  You will be notified by fax, email, or sms text when an order comes in and you will have your own convenient back end to keep track of everything.
Start promoting yourself in a whole new way and attract many new customers to your restaurant with online ordering, reservations, walk in, dine in order orders as well as delivery or takeout!
There's no need to worry about losing customers from dropped calls, busy phone signals, or wrong orders.
Sushi.com allows restaurants the ability to what they do best: make great sushi and feed hungry sushi lovers.
Be a part of the best thing to ever happen to sushi on the web!
Are you a restaurant owner who wants to create more business by joining Sushi.com? Please go here to register.
Do you just want to order great food from awesome places?  Sign in, sign up, or checkout as a guest and take a look around.  See how you can feed the hungry Sushi hole inside of YOU!

Here at Sushi.com, our goal is simple: to make online sushi ordering for delivery, reservation, walk in mobile ordering or pickup of Japanese food simple and hassle free for the CUSTOMER.  In return, the RESTAURANT can be more focused on delivering a sushi eating experience that will satisfy even the toughest of sushi critics.  Sushi.com knows how important business is to a restaurant and is dedicated to making sure restaurants focus on their true passion - making great sushi for even greater customers!