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Useful Tips to Help Improve Your Sushi Experience

In a sushi buffet, you will probably want to try everything. Eating food that can cleanse your taste buds will surely help in increasing your enjoyment.

Chirashi Sushi: A Scattered Japanese Sushi DishChirashi Sushi: A Scattered Japanese Sushi Dish

Chirashi sushi is a version of sushi that is the most varied. It is a scattered sushi served in a bowl and is most commonly called sushi rice salad.

Cooked Sushi Varieties for Sushi Beginners to Try

Are you curious about various sushi dish varieties? Try some cooked sushi dishes that are an excellent choice for non-raw fish eaters.

Choosing and Cooking the Rice for a Sushi Dish

One of the most important ingredients in sushi is the sushi rice. It has to be sushi-grade rice which is a little sticky but not too much.

Top 6 Sushi Dishes Based on Their Calorie Content

The calorie content of a sushi dish basically depends on what the ingredients are. This is essential to know especially for weight loss and strict diets.

The Various American Versions of Japanese Sushi

Sushi is also popular in a lot of places like the US which results to some American versions of sushi to fit every American’s palate.

The Best Sushi Fish and Their Nutritional Benefits

Aside from making a sushi dish tasty, raw fish and seafood in sushi can also have some nutritional benefits that make sushi a healthy option.

Oshizushi: Another Way of Making Japanese Sushi

Another way to make sushi is by using a sushi mold called oshibaki. This is used to press a layer of sushi ingredients to make oshizushi or box sushi.

Sushi Basics: Differentiating Hoso Maki and Futo Maki

There are two basic types of sushi based on size. The Hosomaki is thin with only one filling while the Futomaki is a thick one with at least 3 fillings.

Rainbow Uramaki: A Colorful and Appetizing Sushi Dish

The Rainbow Uramaki is a sushi fusion with an appetizing rainbow-like color. It is a California roll topped with sashimi in a variety of raw fish slices.

Calorie Counting Guide: Eating Sushi for Strict Diets

When on a strict diet, cutting sushi altogether is unnecessary. There are sushi variations that are diet-safe and counting the calories helps.

Choose Vegetarian: Vegan Sushi Recipes with Tofu

Are you a vegetarian who wants to try sushi? Using tofu instead of meat in a sushi recipe will surely make a delectable vegan dish.

The Different Sushi Rice Substitutes for Your Sushi Recipes

Do you want to make sushi but have no sushi rice available? Worry no more because there are many sushi rice substitutes for you to try.

Tips in Choosing the Best Raw Fish for Sushi Dishes

Are you planning to make sushi using raw fish? Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best raw fish for your sushi dish.

6 Restaurants Where You Can Find the Most Expensive Sushi Dishes

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive sushi restaurants? This article will tell you about six such restaurants that can be found in the US.

The Different Fish Eggs to Use in Sushi Recipes

There are many types of fish roe or fish eggs that can be used in sushi recipes. Each type differs in the kind of fish they came from, color, and texture.

Sushi with Caviar: An Expensive but Easy Sushi Recipe

There are a lot of popular dishes that use caviar. This can also be used to make the traditional Japanese sushi recipe even more delectable.

Gluten-Free Sushi Ingredients and Recipe to Make at Home

Although not all sushi dishes are gluten-free, you can make your own at home. All you have to do is avoid the ingredients that contain gluten.

Different Sushi Sauces to Make with Your Sushi Recipe

Sushi sauce can be a great way to add and improve the flavor of traditional Japanese sushi. You can choose from many sauce bases such as mayo and soy sauce.

Sushi Preparation Food Safety Guidelines to Practice

Are you concerned about contamination when it comes to your raw sushi ingredients? Here are some food safety guidelines for sushi preparation.