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Recipe and Tips on How to Make Fried Sushi at Home

Making deep-fried sushi at home is as easy as making other sushi varieties. Learn to make a crisp and crunchy fried sushi dish by using a tempura batter.

How to Keep Your Leftover Sushi Fresh for Tomorrow

Sushi leftovers from your party can still be consumed the next day. Learn the proper way of storing sushi to keep it fresh and safe for about 24 hours.

Guide on How to Throw Your Own Temaki Sushi Party

Temaki sushi is one of the easiest sushi dishes you can serve at a sushi party. Follow some checklist on everything you need for a temaki sushi making the party.

Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Sushi Making Party

A sushi making party is a fun experience of making homemade sushi. Follow this step-by-step guide for a successful sushi making party.

Ingredients and Equipment: What to Prepare for a Sushi Making Dinner

Sushi making dinners can also be a learning experience for sushi lovers. Make a list of everything you need from ingredients to equipment.

Inari Sushi: Make Your Own Rice-Stuffed Tofu Pockets

Inari sushi is one of the traditional Japanese sushi recipes. Learn how to make this unconventional sushi using fried tofu pockets.

Guide to Different Types of Tuna You Can Use for Sushi

One of the common raw fish used in making sushi dishes is the tuna. Learn about the different varieties of tuna you can choose from for your sushi at home.

Ways to Prepare and Cook Shellfish and Roe for Sushi

There are other seafood you can use for sushi such as fish roe, scallops, and abalone. Learn the basic preparation of these for sushi at home.

Seafood Ingredient Choices for Sushi Other than Fish

There are other excellent seafood choices for sushi dishes aside from raw fish. Know these non-fish seafood fillings and toppings for your sushi adventure.

How to Make Sushi Platter with Various Sesame Seeds

Sushi can be a great addition to your party food at home. Learn how to make an effective sushi platter without too many ingredients and too many recipes.

Wasabi Conspiracy: All You Need to Know About

Wasabi is the spicy green paste that is a common condiment for sushi. However, it is often made of something you probably don’t expect.

Sushi Rice Recipes for Better Sushi-Making at Home

One of the basic things to know when making sushi at home is cooking the sushi rice. Learn the right way to cook sushi rice using different methods.

Sushi Pro: Making Your Own Sushi Vinegar at Home

Sushi vinegar is an essential seasoning that adds flavor to the sushi rice. However, you can also learn to make your own sushi vinegar if it is unavailable.

Discover the 3 Michelin-Starred and Most Expensive Sushi Bar

For sushi fanatics, dining in the best sushi restaurant can be quite an experience. Masa sushi bar in New York has 3 Michelin stars and is worth a visit.

2017 List of Sushi Bars with Michelin Stars

There are now a lot of sushi restaurants, but not all are the best. Choose a sushi restaurant according to the coveted Michelin stars they have.

Simple, Sweet, and Fish-Free Sushi Recipes for Kids

Sushi can be made at home and can be modified with your favorite ingredients. Learn how to make sweet and fish-free sushi varieties that kids will like.

Millionaire Sushi: A New Sushi Recipe to Make at Home

There are basic sushi dishes and there are very expensive sushi rolls. Millionaire sushi is something you can enjoy in expensive sushi bars or make at home.

5 Different Sushi Knives to Choose From and Their Uses

You can make a great sushi with the help of an even great sushi knife. Learn everything about different traditional Japanese sushi knives and each of their uses.

Signs to Check When Choosing a Sushi Restaurant

It is safe to think that the best sushi dishes are found in the best sushi restaurants. Learn some signs to help you identify which sushi bars are the best.

Everything to Know About Making Matcha to Go with Sushi

Matcha is the most common beverage that is served with sushi dishes. Learn how to prepare your own green tea to serve with your sushi dishes at home.