The interest-bearing DeFi base layer

What is BentoBox?

BentoBox is a unique token vault that generates yield (interest) on your tokens, while also allowing you to utilize them in DeFi protocols like lending markets or liquidity pools.

Utilize funds in multiple DeFi apps

BentoBox’s innovation is its ability to track users’ deposits via an artificial balance, which is used to account for their idle funds while they’re simultaneously applied to strategies.

Earn some of the highest yield in DeFi

As the foundation for multiple DeFi apps, BentoBox can attract more capital than simple vaults, leading to higher yield than most vaults

Flash Loans

Funds in BentoBox can be used for flash loans, adding more passive value to users’ underutilized capital.

Plug ’n play interest pools for your DeFi app

Build your own DeFi apps on top of BentoBox to instantly utilize over 500m+ TVL.

Capital Efficiency

Profit from efficiencies of a growing protocol by saving on gas fees on each dApp deployed on BentoBox.

Smooth UX

Approvals are inherited by the system, making individual transactions within BentoBox cheaper.


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