For Beginners

What Is BentoBox?

Learn all about BentoBox and how to get started using it

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BentoBox (sometimes referred to as Bento) is a smart contract acting as the central vault for the entire Sushi ecosystem. Similar to how the banking system is the base-layer for financial operations in traditional finance, BentoBox is the base-layer for all future financial instruments Sushi intends to offer. In simple terms, BentoBox is like an Operating System powering your phone, with Sushi’s products such as Trident, Limit Orders and Kashi deemed as applications.

What Are The Benefits?

You may be wondering why we need BentoBox as the base layer for Sushi apps in the first place and what it brings to the table. It's easiest to simply list all the benefits, so here is just that: a list of the principal components and advantages that BentoBox offers when dApps are built on top of it!

For users:

  • Funds in BentoBox can be used for flash loans to generate a small fee, thus generating extra yield for idle assets (learn more about flash loans)
  • Idle funds in BentoBox can be deployed by Strategies contracts; these contracts can help to generate extra yield by sending the idle assets to low risk protocols like Compound or the SushiBar
  • Reduced gas fees when moving funds between Sushi apps; a user can swap on Trident or lend on Kashi at a cheaper gas fee than other concurrent protocols!

For developers:

  • Enable tracking of user’s deposits via artificial balance
  • Optimized deposit, withdrawal and skim functions that auto-convert ETH to wETH
  • Low gas (and fixed gas) transfers of tokens within BentoBox
  • Simplified approval of tokens (no need to re-approve for each protocol)
  • Minimal proxy contract factory built in. No need to roll out your own

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