For Beginners

Tutorial: Sushi Bonds

A step by step guide to purchase Sushi Bonds

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How to purchase Bonds?

Hello fren. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through how to purchase Sushi Bonds:

  1. Access the Platform: Navigate to the Sushi Bonds platform.
  1. Connect Your Wallet
  1. Browse Bond Offerings: Explore the various bond markets available on the platform. Each bond offering will have details such as the price, discount rate, bond asset, vesting period, and the type of tokens you can use to purchase the bond.
  1. Choose the asset you wish to purchase. In this example, we're using NPM on the Polygon network. Click on the market to proceed.
  1. Switch Network (if necessary): Now that you are on the NPM bonds market page, follow the UI instructions and switch to the Polygon network.
  1. The quote token for purchasing NPM is the NPM/USDC LP tokens. Since I don't have any, I am going to click on "Go to Smart Pool", which will direct me to provide liquidity to this pair.
  1. Provide Liquidity: Follow the usual v3 LP process to provide liquidity to the USDC/NPM pair, approve both assets one by one, and then confirm the transactions in your wallet.
  1. Purchase the Bond: After obtaining the LP tokens, return to the Bonds page and follow the platform's instructions to exchange your LP tokens for the bond asset. In this example, I have 135 LP tokens, which will enable me to purchase 320 NPM. Click "Bond" to proceed with the purchase.
  1. Confirm purchase: The process again will involve approving the transaction in your wallet. Confirm the bond purchase.
  1. Complete: You have successfully purchased Sushi Bonds! You can scroll down to see your the bonds you have purchased.
  1. You can also return to the Sushi Bonds page and click "My Bonds" to see all your bond purchases.
  1. Wait for the Vesting Period to End: After purchasing the bond, you must wait for the vesting period to conclude before claiming your bonded tokens. 
  2. Claim Your Tokens: Once the vesting period is over, return to the platform to claim your tokens. You may need to connect your wallet again and follow the instructions to transfer your bonded tokens from the bond contract to your wallet.

Remember, each platform and bond offering may have specific instructions or requirements, so it's important to read through the details provided on the bond's page carefully.