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SushiXSwap - Sushi's Cross Chain Swap (Updated Sept 2023)

The first ever Crosschain AMM, built on Stargate

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Announcing the first ever Cross-chain AMM, SushiXSwap, powered by Layer0’s Stargate.

What is SushiXSwap?

SushiXSwap is the the first ever crosschain swap. It's designed to make crosschain swapping convenient and cost-effective. It allows you to seamlessly exchange tokens across various blockchain networks.

With XSwap, Sushi lets you swap tokens across the following chains (more to come!):

Ξ Ethereum

🔴 Optimism

💙 Arbitrum

🟡 Binance Chain

🔺 Avalanche

∞ Polygon

Sushi now connects all major chains and rollups, with one easy-to-use dApp interface.

👉 Swap your tokens across chains now 🍣

Benefits of SushiXSwap

Bridge-Free Trading 🚀

Say goodbye to complex bridging processes. SushiXSwap simplifies the process of swapping tokens across different chains with one-click, chain-agnostic swaps. It's trading made easy for both new and experienced crypto users.

Explore New Chains without native gas tokens 🌐

Ever had to hunt for native gas tokens when venturing into a new blockchain network? With SushiXSwap, that's a thing of the past. Our platform opens the door to a multitude of chains without the hassle of searching for elusive gas tokens.

Bridge and Swap with Confidence 🔒

Security and confidence are paramount in the crypto world. SushiXSwap leverages Layer0's Stargate bridge infrastructure to provide secure and decentralized crosschain swaps. Rest easy knowing your assets are in good hands.

Cost-Effective Trading 💲

Minimize slippage and enjoy competitive prices with SushiXSwap. Our platform ensures you get the most value out of your swaps, making your trading experience cost-efficient and profitable.

Sushi’s swap routing finds the cheapest, fastest and most secure route for any user to get from point A to point B by plugging into Layer0’s Stargate bridge infrastructure. Stargate bridges chains securely without compromising on decentralization, which allows SushiXSwap to scale to any number of chains in the future.

Because its simple, intuitive UI is integrated directly into our swap interface, there will be zero friction in making the switch - as a user, you will now simply be able to leverage the power of SushiXSwap across multiple chains!

Use Cases

Now that you're familiar with the benefits, let's explore how you can put SushiXSwap to work for you.

Diversify Your Portfolio across L1s with Ease 🔄

Swap Ethereum and other assets to different Layer 1 blockchains effortlessly. Diversifying your crypto holdings has never been this straightforward.

Consolidate your assets back to Ethereum💰

Streamline Your Portfolio Management without the headache of navigating complex processes. Simplify your portfolio management with SushiXSwap's seamless functionality.

Everything you love about AMMs - across all chains

SushiXswap features all features you already love about Sushi - but across multiple chains:

  • Deepest liquidity: Always finds a path to trade on all major chains
  • Decentralized: Built on Stargate
  • No extra fees: 0.3% standard DEX fee
  • Lowest slippage: No reliance on third parties
  • Non-custodial: Protocol-managed liquidity
  • Fast: Instantly initiate trades on both chains
  • Safety guard: Failed transactions save into stablecoins
  • Bridge aggregator: Modular bridge API

How to Make a Crosschain Swap

Making a crosschain swap is extremely simple, and will likely be very intuitive for users who have used the Sushi UI before. Using SushiXSwap as your crosschain swap choice affords a user the lowest slippage possible, while staying fast and secure.

  1. Visit SushiXSwap directly. If you are on Sushi Swap, you can toggle to use the cross chain swap.

  2. Connect your wallet using the button in the top right corner.

  1. Select source chain and destination chain. Then select the token and input the amount you want to swap, just like a regular swap!
  1. You will be promopted to approve BentoBox - unless you have done so already, you will need to execute a one-time transaction (per contract) giving BentoBox permission to move your funds around.

Once BentoBox has been approved, you only need to select the Confirm Swap button and voila - you’re done! Wait for the transaction to clear on both chains (time will vary depending on the source and destination chains) and you will see your assets on your chosen destination chain in a matter of minutes - an estimated processing time will be shown to you as well.

That’s all there is to it! Now that you know how to make a quick, permissionless and safe crosschain swap, get out there and explore!


It's been a remarkable journey since we launched SushiXSwap a year ago. The organic traction we've witnessed is a testament to the platform's utility and the growing need for secure, cost-effective crosschain swapping solutions. Our user data, which can be viewed here, showcases the organic growth.

As we move forward, you can expect even more exciting updates and features designed to enhance your trading experience and deepen liquidity across various blockchain ecosystems. Stay tuned for what's next on SushiXSwap! 🍣

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Discord or Twitter. Get started now.

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