For Beginners

FAQ: Trident Deprecation

Everything you need to know about Trident pools deprecation

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  1. Why are Trident Pools being deprecated?

Trident Pools are being deprecated as part of our efforts to streamline user experience and improve operational efficiency. This move follows the launch of Sushi V3 AMM in May 2023, which serves as a direct, more efficient replacement with enhanced features.

  1. What should I do with my assets in Trident Pools?

We strongly advise you to remove your liquidity from Trident Pools at your earliest convenience. You can start this process by navigating to the Sushi UI [Pools] tab > [My Positions] and check if you have any Trident Stable or Trident Classic positions. Then click on the “Remove” button on the Trident UI.

  1. Can I continue providing liquidity on Sushi?

Yes, you can continue to provide liquidity using Sushi V3 AMM. We encourage users interested in remaining part of the Sushi liquidity provider community to migrate their Trident assets to Sushi V3 AMM.

  1.  What is the deadline for removing my Trident assets?

Please remove your Trident assets before 15 March 2024 23:59 EST. After this date, the Trident pool UI will be discontinued, and you will not be able to remove your assets through the UI.

  1. What happens if I am not able to remove my Trident assets by the deadline?

Post-deadline, you will need to remove assets from Trident pools via the smart contract or contact support for manual assistance with migration. Please be aware that manual migrations may involve extended processing times.

  1. How can I get help during the migration?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out for support on Discord